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November 10, 2011


Edward Huxley

I haven`t bothered to listen. the Quotes are enough.Another appointment forced on Cameron, like the job Clegg demanded and got. To which I add another disaster, Huhne, the pointsman.

John Prendergast

Cable should take a length of his name endorsed product , go to a very high place, secure one end strongly to a stout fixture and thge other around his neck and jump.

Huhne is still a case for the Essex Police and CPS. I hope he gets 5 yearts for each of several offences (not forgetting speeding since he claims to have been else where at the time of the main offence so must have been motoring at the speed of light!) These convictions must run consecutively not concurently.

A Public Sector Worker

We have political stability? Really? What planet is he on?

Michael mcgough

For an economist Cable makes a good spinning politician.Trrue we have no growth but we don't have political or financial stability either..T he T Roy back benches have revolted and will do so again,frustrated by the bipolar coalition.With massive inflation and a financial basket case at our borders one wonders what planet VInce is on.It is very worrying that we have someone who cannot manage his own modest tax affairs in charge of our failing economy whilst heavyweights such as John Redwood are confined to watch his mishandling from the back benches..A coalition should not be an excuse to ditch meritocracy.Recent female ministerial appointments have been absurd.I t will be interesting to see who is apponted the next Home Secretary when the inevitable occurs,


Vince is an utter utter moron. What the hell he is doing as Sec of State for Business is anyones guess, and the laughably inept Dave has shown us what he thinks of the business community by appointing this socialist joke to the job.

Matthew Reynolds

To boost economic growth the government should scrap the 7p per litre fuel duty increase planned for April 2012 and should axe the 5.6% business rate hike pencilled in for then.That would boost confidence by helping to limit business costs thus freeing up funds for the very investment needed to create jobs and reduce unemployment.By lightening business costs you could help tackle inflation by stopping firms to passing them onto consumers.You could cut VAT on building and repairs from 20% to 5% to boost the construction industry.There should be a 100% freeze in business rates and fuel duties up until and including 2015-16 with the VAT cut on building & repairs in force till then with the revenues lost clawed back with bigger cuts in QUANGOS and civil service numbers in 2013-14.That would boost economic growth without forcing up bond yields on the basis of a net boost to the public debt.

Also many businesses have lots of cash in banks and reserves.There should be public monies and regulatory changes to get some of that cash flowing into skills,transport,broadband,energy,housing and science.By improving those things you could create jobs now and boost employment down the road as a better infrastructure,bigger science base and filling the skills gap made the economy more competitive.Employment laws should be watered down to the extent that business feel able to invest as if it is easier to fire then employers are more likely to hire.

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