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October 17, 2011


Y Rhyfelwr Dewr

Huhne is an idiot who deserves to be sacked.

Cameron is a wuss who will do nothing of the sort.

Edward Huxley

As I posted on the other blog, on the politics slot channel 4 last night he twice blamed the Conservatives and Labour for the energy crisis and said his party in government were going to put everything right. Enough to get him sacked, but Cameron wouldn`t dare.

How can we get rid of this buffoon?


What is all this nonsense about changing energy suppliers?
Hune, Cameron and all the other con-artists know damn well that energy supply is
not a matter of competition between companies. It is a matter of large profits with
the usual pay-off to politicians and a regulatory body stuffed with politicians and
their cronies. Change supplier and your new supplier will up their prices pronto.
Another nice little earner is the surcharge by private gas distributors used by
cheap-shot builders to get gas pipes laid more cheaply, increasing builder's profits.
Change supplier at your own risk.

Lindsay Jenkins

Why is Huhne not working with Ofgem, the independent regulator, to reduce dramatically the cost of tariffs?


For Frack sake, get up to Blackpool, start drilling then use the suspected 2trillion tonnes of gas to export and provide low cost energy to consumers and businesses for the next oh I do not know say 100yrs.


"simplify dramatically the number of tariffs" ... and so reduce competition and thereby put up prices.

he seems determined to put our bills up, one way or another.

R J Cook

The cost of energy could be reduced if the so called 'green taxes' were removed. At the same time, Cameron should remove that plank Huhne only he's more trouble than he's worth.


Hulne is a dangerous man, who has been given carte blanche by Cameron to do what he wants to put millions into fuel poverty, and cause the deaths by cold of many old and poor pensioners this winter. Others, at their wits end at because of relentlessly increasing fuel and food prices, will commit suicide.
Nevertheless, all is well. Hulne, the millionaire, will just turn up his heaters at little this winer. Cameron will do the same, whilst Reginald Sheffield will continue to gather in £1000 per DAY in subsidies for his windmills which we, the poor and old, pay for (and will continue to pay for until we die).
Cameron surely cannot be unaware of the huge anger that is building against him and his 'Climate Change' minister. If he is aware, then he should be very scared about what will happen when the anger explodes.
I speak as a hitherto unvarying Conservative voter since the 1960s, but now utterly disillusioned with Cameron's policies on a great range of issues. My vote is now lost to the Party, and will only be regained by a complete volte face on 'green' energy policies, a withdrawal from the EU, proper controls on immigration, and a withdrawal from human rights legislation.


Huhne would argue anything if he thought it furthered his pathetic career. With luck he will not be a minister for much longer.

Patsy Sergeant

Huhne has been whizzing round the media like a frenetic wasp the last few days (apologies to the wasp!)!

I am afraid that although he appears very 'earnest', even if his message - regarding fuel bills - is either incomprehensible or just hot air; I am sure that a fair number of ordinary people will 'get' the real message that is coming across LOUD and clear, and that is 'I am the energy Minister, I am in the government, I am quite important and my job is important, so forget all that rubbishy stuff that was being aimed at me by 'some' people just recently, just give me my due as Energy Minister!!!!'

Jimminy Wicket

Spare a thought for the elderly and infirm that is getting left behind and are probably bearing the cost for no other reason than they do not understand the complicated conglomeration of tariffs to find better and cheaper deals.

And what help is there for those who are unfamiliar with the workings of a computer and IT and others who unfortunately have no IT access?

Simplification is required of the whole billing system to allow people to fully understand what all the different tariffs are all about. We need a route and branch sort out to make it easier to switch energy suppliers with information laid out in lay man’s terms taking into consideration that not everybody has IT access or understands it.

Jimminy Wicket

Chris Huhne is the wrong type of person to be given any Secretary of State's job, he is so full of his own importance, nasty tempered and far too hasty dismissing people's fears as he did today with Eamon Holmes on Sky news.

The man lacks the patience required to explain things in an uncomplicated manner for everybody to understand. He admitted that he did not understand all the different tariff and that they were complicated, if he did not fully understand them what chance has others?

Edward Huxley

Jimminy, above, is right. I changed from British Gas some time ago and even with the internet it wasn`t easy and I wouldn`t like to go through it again. And as he says, your new supplier can put up his prices and always does!

Another instance of Huhne`s stupidity. I wish his points case would come up. Seems there is no other way of getting rid of him, Cameron is scared, and unfortunately believes a lot of the AGW stuff as well.

A very depressing outlook for the coming winter.

Harry Hill

Cameron was just as much part of today's PR stunt (meeting with the energy companies). I am getting fed up with Cameron's empty 'promises'.

John Anslow

I can feel another bout of coulrophobia coming on as I examine the bill for a load of smokeless fuel that has gone up from £125 five years ago to £205 today.

Mr. Huhne, will you stop taking our money and throwing it at folks who install windmills and solar panels? It isn’t the Government that’s footing the bill: the Government has no money. It’s mugs like me who are paying through the nose for their fuel to cover these subsidies.

And while I’m at it, Mr. Huhne, don’t let the usual collection of clowns prevent enterprising companies from fracking for gas in Lancashire. The mob held up nuclear power in the eighties so that we lost our expertise to the French; then they were allowed by senior judges to vandalize coal-fired installations, which must have caused the Germans to smirk up the sleeves of their Lodenmantel with barely controlled schadenfreude; and give them half a chance these enviro-loons will be maintain that fracking disturbs rare newts or causes earthquakes.

Mr Huhne: winter is coming and it could well be another hard one. The country is up to its knees in the organic fertilizer. What do you suggest we do? Burn it?


What a load of nonsense Chris Huhne is spouting. He says that the best thing we can do is switch suppliers but what if you are elderly,live alone and are not on the internet. Well then you become prey to doorstep sales or the sales people who accost you in shops. To be able to switch effectively you have to know how much you are paying per unit for your gas and electricity and then the salesman would also have to come clean about what price his company would charge you. This is very rearely the case. So many vulnerable people could be paying more than they were paying previously.

For Mr Huhne's information, transparancy would be a domestic tariff and a commercial tariff for both electricity and gas and an offpeak tariff for electricity to accomodate people with electric heating. There needs to be a good regulator for gas and electricity, someone of the same calibre of the original regulators, Stephen Littlechild for electricity and the lady who regulated the gas industry whose name escapes me. Labour failed miserably to negotiate good prices for gas pipe lines when they were in power and today BBC are reporting that Ed Milliband is saying the market is rigged. Well Ed, as Energy Secretary in the last government you must have helped to rig it.

Chris Huhne is also urging people to insulate their properties before the winter, has it occurred to him that some people who are not eligible for Government grants may not be able to afford to insulate their properties despite it being a few hundred pounds. I suppose when you are a millionaire you have got no conception of how poor people live.


The stealth levies, introduced to fund Britain’s investment in wind and solar power, are costing families an average of £200 a year – two-thirds of the amount the Cabinet Minister said they should be able to save. This represents an increase of between 15 and 20 per cent on the average domestic power bill. The money is being used to help fund the building of 10,000 wind turbines and the proposed installation of £7 billion worth of smart meters in homes.

Time for the 'nudge unit' to discuss the future use of 'Tumbrels'

Malcolm Shykles

"£9,453,249 was paid to wind farms in Scotland to stand idle up between January 1st up to September 28th this year (53 days) contributing to the already staggering profits of the WF Developers!

In September alone the National Grid paid out Constraint payments to Scottish Wind Farms of £4.97 Million!"

These amounts are just for Scotland - this is where our fuel bill money is being spent.

The problem is, idiot Huhne thinks we are the idiots; otherwise he would not preach such nonsense.

It was the Tory Party that got us into this "Grand Global Climate Change Hoax" back in 1991 or so. It is time more MPs started to speak out against this nonsense which is now being used as a tool to kill Capitalism.

Please watch James Delingpole;



I note that Populus have Labour in an 8% lead in tomorrow's Times, there'll be several reasons for that, but energy prices will be at the top. Any party going into the next GE who is perceived to be on the side of the Big6 will suffer a dramatic drop in support. This silly PR stunt of Dave's won't be enough I can assure you.

Paul Biggs

Yes a silly, totally unconvincing PR stunt by Huhne and Cameron. Utter drivel. That's the answer is it - insulate my home that is already fully insulated in order to comply with years old building regulations and change suppliers? How many pence will that save me or anyone else? The real problem is so-called climate and energy policy as promoted by climate-carbon-claptrap twins Huhne and Cameron. There is no 'green' there is only red. If only the Tories had a leader that wasn't colour blind.


The energy bills could be reduced by 10% if the Coalition cancelled the hugely expensive so called green energy promoted by Huhne.
The tariffs are rubbish and nobody can understand them and they need to change to a simple tariff price.
Changing supplier is a waste of time because it takes so long and old and new supplier do not cooperate. Any small advantage is short term because the new supplier will then increase their prices.
Sack Huhne and get somebody with some intelligence and common sense.

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