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October 28, 2011


martin sewell

Oh grow up please!

The companies are owned by those free to disinvest if they are offended by the pay structures.

Ask my opinion on a subject where I have a dog in the fight - such as Europe.


Dammit it's not as if these people work for the EU and have fat pensions or even manage to get their wives onto the payroll.

Windsor Tripehound

Three men who've never done a proper job in their lives lecturing us on how the "economy" should be managed.

As far as I'm concerned, so long as I get paid what I'm worth I don't give a stuff that Joe Bloggs gets ten times what he's worth.


For f**ks sake!!

This is private money, generated by people operating in the private sector, most of whom work incredibly long hard slogs. Unlike in the public sector, these individuals contribute a huge amount to the exchequer in the form of tax revenue, and unlike the public sector they don't cost the taxpayer payer a penny. Private wealth in private hands, generated by dedicated, innovative individuals willing to take a risk. And what do we do? We portray them as evil James Bond type villains getting rich at the expense of everybody else. It is utterly ridiculous. I hope these people just do what I intend to do as soon as it's feasible; get on a plane to Australia, India, China, Russia, or anywhere else that isn't overrun by socialist whack jobs.

Harry Hill

So why is it that 98 of the FTSE top 100 companies don't pay uk tax? http://uk.news.yahoo.com/tax-haven-rife-among-uk-top-firms-094554244.html


@ Harry Hill

Err... Probably because it's far too high? Just a stab in the dark. Maybe if our corporate tax rates were far more competitive they would. As for the individuals employed by these evil companies; they do pay tax, along with their self-rewarding bonus hungry piggy superiors. But let's have it straight; if I could avoid paying UK tax tomorrow, safe in the knowledge I could get away with, I would. I suspect you would too, but of course you'd never admit it.

I must enquire comrade; what would happen to your beloved public services and welfare state if these individuals decided to take their UK tax-avoiding companies overseas? But look, you're wasting your time. Your socialist utopia is already here, you've even got a socialist actor in 10 Downing Street playing a Conservative villain. What more could you ask for? You've won. Enjoy the cesspit.

Mr Angry

Essex Boy has nailed it!

John Bracewell

If the shareholders are happy with their Chief Execs and agree their remuneration packages, then fine. The more slaps in the face Clegg gets the better, it may knock some sense into his brain.

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