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September 05, 2011



Free schools are better, why are Lib Dems fighting against them?

We also need state Schools to get turned into charter schools. In America the voucher system has done so much to education and is supported by every except the teachers union. We need a market place of education. Britain has great University's because there is a market of choices, we need the same for schools.


The reason that the Lib Dems are opposing them is because the Lib Dems are simply Old Labour for embittered middle class snobs. Tony Blair worked this out. Levelling everyone else down to a drab lowest common denominator and bossing them around is the average Lib Dem's wet dream.....while of course holding on to the best jobs, schools and houses for them and their families. Nick Clegg and his family are their template.


I would rather have John Prescott as Deputy Prime Minister than Nick Clegg because Prescott is not as left wing as Clegg.
Does he really think parents of the 90% of children not classed as underprivileged ore located in a poor area will flock to send their children to a Clegg type free school which will be set up for children of the poor or the so called underclass - of course they will not.
Clegg is bad news for Conservatives and bad news for the hard working tax paying general public who want a good education for their children.
Conservatives Members want a Grammar School in every town or city and Clegg and the the Liberal Democrats only want to educate the poor and underprivileged.

Elaine Turner

I think I am getting fed up with the 'fairer' agenda. For those who work, whether at school or in the workplace I am reminded of a famous golfer (can't remember which one) who said that 'the harder I work, the luckier I seem to become'... and that is something to remember. People need to be reminded that although it does not cost us to go to school and become educated it is not free. It has a cost to the British people - if they don't avail themselves of it, they will be a burden to society and we do not want or need burdens - especially at the moment.

john parkes

I wouldn`t take exception to anything Clegg says here. From what he describes as the Free School intent, the implication is that there will be a levelling up of educational opportunity and I think that is to be welcomed on as wide a basis as possible. What does concern me, though are the reports that to a Liberal Democrat audience, he is said to have declared that he `..will not allow..." this that and the other. Just a minute! Who is Clegg to overule government policy, once arrived at by the Secretary of State, presumably with Prime Ministerial backing. The time has come for this sort of over-mighty declaration of veto to come to an end. Fifteen percent of the government does not, or should not anyway, allow such sweeping powers to the minority partner and I for one am getting mightily fed up with these delusions of grandeur.
P.S Elaine, your golfer whose `bon mot` you quote was Gary Player, I think.

Pandora New Zealand

I like the writing structure of your blog and it does a pretty decent job of presenting the material.

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