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September 18, 2011


Colin Smith

Stewards should demand a drug test.

Either that or there's a full moon due.

John Anslow

In 2006, a load of smokeless fuel cost me £125.48. Last week, an identical load cost £205.00; a 63% increase in five years. World prices or tax?



Malcolm Dunn

Not a very good liar though. Andrew Neill could have skewered Huhne much more severely than he did.


But in the meantime people will not be able to pay their energy bills so therefore they will end up being cold this winter.

Robert Eve

Still unsure if he is worse than Balls.

It's a very close run thing.

nonny mouse

Chris Huhne: "The idea that I was driving when the police pulled me over is simly untrue"

Derek Buxton

Well I'm sure no one is surprised at his comment, he is a limp-dim and as we all know they all lie on an industrial scale.

Super Blue

A pointless argument.

John Prendergast

Hurry up DPP and have this lunatic locked up. I recommend Libways as his gaol, so he can be with his fellow EUSSR chums of mixed gender.

john parkes

How very curious. My last electricity bill showed units used that were priced at two different rates; a proportion charged at a higher rate than the balance in order to cover a levy aimed at my share of the cost of the `green` contribution.
As ever ths particular Liberal Democrat continues to be a skilled exponent of terminological inexactitudes.


i think people should have the option to pay the green levy.then divide the green cost by the 'yes' camp and make them pay more.

this is like religious reactivism of the 1500's.you disagree with them and you are some sort of loony.

it is getting colder,just step outside.this is very clever socialism.


A downright lie. There's no other way of putting it. He cannot be unaware of the economics and how 'green' energy is fast raising the costs of energy for us all (or those of us who cannot put wind turbines in our back gardens) and thus fast-tracking pensioners and the poor into abject poverty. Hulne outshines Brown barefaced lying, and that's saying something.

Mr Angry

As a man who has allegedly committed a serious criminal offence of deception concerning a speeding ticket I cannot see how Huhne can expect anyone to believe him about anything at all. Certainly as far as this piece of utter nonsense is concerned he is plainly a million miles away from the truth which is that his and Cameron's ridiculous Green obsession is actively costing ordinary families a lot more money on their energy bills. That is a fact Mr Huhne, not the rubbish spin you are pushing at us.

Paul Harris

He reminds me of one of those magician types. You know the trick with three cups where you have to work out where the bean is after they have been switched around, well it's like that but it's your £500/year on your energy bill rather than a bean. Which cup is it under, or should I say, which pocket is it in?

Stuart  Smith

There are a few politicians who I AVOID, BECAUSE I would rip out their windpipe!
Hune is one, Michael Howard, Michael Forsyth is another.
Liars one and all. We havbe been told over the years that we are paying more so we can then awitch to lower priced gas & electric. so he is lying!

m wood

Well who does he think is paying the large subsidaries for windmills and solar panels?


Claiming things are "simply untrue" is apparently the phrase used by Huhne when he doesn't want to believe the truth. An ungenerous man would say when he's lying, but I believe he's mentally ill.

It doesn't add up...

Can he be prosecuted for lying about this as well?

David Parker

We do not, of course, expect to hear anything but self deluding lies from this man, who is clearly suffering from some form of mental disorder. What worries me most, however, is that neither Clegg nor Cameron have not realised this, which is scarcely more credible than Huhne himself, or that they have deliberately chosen to ignore the dangers of this, purely upon the grounds of temporary political expediency.

If Huhne damages the reputation of his own party, then that is a matter for them to deal with, but when he damages the reputation of both Parliament and the ruling coalition and neither the Prime Minister nor the Deputy Prime Minister will publicly repudiate his lies, then it is time for this coalition to be dissolved.

Man in a Shed

Can we get him sectioned for this ?

Man in a Shed

We need to consider the horrific possibility that Huhne actually believes what he's saying is true.

Fairfacts Media

How much support is this man costing the coalition?
I am sure it will multiply when the October snows come.

Peter Turner

This energy policy based upon windmills is absolutely indefensible. When will one of the major newspapers publish the actual facts and figures, costs and returns on their front pages. We know the Telegraph could do this as a certain Christopher Booker writes for them - but do they have the guts to do it?

Jack Pershing

If he really believes what he said, he should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

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