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August 31, 2011



Yes there are consequences, as Huhne will find out.


If you are a fiddling MP there are no consequences to your actions (apart from having to pay back the money you stole). It is nauseating to listen to these politicians pontificating about consequences when they get away with far worse crimes than pinching a few bottles of mineral water or a baseball cap.

Harry Hill

What about the Suffolk tory councillor who was 3 times over the limit, kicked and punched a police inspector and got away with a 3 year driving ban and £800 costs, eh Nick?

neil scott

It amazes me for government officials to stated "consequences for criminals" when ray mallon mayor of middlesbrough,tony blairs word,william bratton police advisor favours ray mallon and the Zero Tolerance idiot admitted crimes,and was promoted,costing 8 million to investigate and as a failed police officer,abused children in cells given drugs for information, fails as mayor and abuses women who worked with him as mayor,and abuses the human rights of neil scott persecution for ten years,found guilty because of suppressed evidence that employees of Willaim bratton G4S then stated G4S took blood from neil scott illegally,and was not found at the scene of any burglary,that police had falsified and judges covered it up.to save face

neil scott

What neil scott wants to know now is gow many chances are government going to give ray mallon,he failed and resgns as soon as the going gets tough,he's investigated now for votes frauds in which he did not allow officials to know he knows the boro taxi boss as he trains every day at the gym of boro taxis,sells them cheap land on a redevelopment site,helps get the monopoly of cleveland taxis,for the monopoly votes he needed to stay on as mayor fiddles,we all know he's ruining the town of middlesbrough,its about time government stops this man,his reputation is not that good,he fiddled the crime statistics,of 20%,fails to resign when the chief of stockton reduced crime by 60% at the same time,

neil scott

William bratton is the security chairman of integrity risk international,KROLL and G4S employees based in jails, hmp,etc in middlesbrough,under ray mallon criminal mayor,neil scott was arrested over ten years 23 times,22unconvicted,so they falsified the evidence of blood with NO BLOOD TYPE,at a burglary case,as stated by william brattons employees,(suppressed evidence by judges)G4S staff stated that neil scotts blood was NOT found at a burgalry,it was taken illegally BY G4S staff at a police station 24 hours after the burglary,after he was interviewed,before they lied at court implimenting judges,forensics,police officers,that should be seen as a criminal act by police officer ipcc investigations into ref 2011/013938,something should be done to clear neil scott from this conviction and an investigation into manipulation of evidence suppressed evidence interferance in the course of justice serious misconduct in public office under a criminal mayor that good police officers are ruining there careers for,

Derek Buxton

I trust that Clegg is including the real looters, stealing Public Money, for example, councillors and especially CEOs who fail to serve the public and walk away with a shedload of our money, and of course MPs who claim expenses to which they are not entitled.

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