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August 08, 2011



It's 'Broken Britain' yer know oh yes! Remember Broken Britain, it used to be in the papers all the time, and Dave was gonna fix it, and he will, when he gets back from Bunga Bunga land, he'll get right on it. Of course his mate Boris will be giving a hand when he gets back from Bung.....of course Boris lives in Bunga Bunga land, he's always there.


Boris say something even if its only goodbye.

A Public Sector Worker

Do you actually have anything serious to say, davidf?

Super Blue

No, APSW, he doesn't, unless you include racist drivel.


Racist drivel? You may be confusing Bunga Bunga, with Bongo Bongo, (Alan Clark) Land, Bunga Bunga Land means Italy after Silvio's term for, 'leg over' errr are you with me so far?


I'm very pleased to say, (just like Boris) I've nothing serious to say.


Well, i'm not remotely interested in this one. What do people expect? The 'Black identity' in London is 'gangsta' because they do not fit into 'English society'; the 'Asian identity' is 'Muslim' orientated because they do not fit into 'English society.' Enoch Powell was absolutely correct with regard to immigration but 'Government & the Establishment' knew best (cough). All the supporters of immigration should move into ethnically dominated areas to live the benefits of such a policy. Give it another 100 years and the people will still be talking about 'race & immigration', and i suspect the ghettoisation of the country will continue to such an extent there will be serious trouble coming down the line. More 'fudge' and 'head in the sand' action will be forthcoming as it has over the last 50 years....

Harry Hill

Nick looks like he needs a good holiday.

Vincit Veritas

Can't we offer Clegg as a human sacrifice to the mob?

Tim Montgomerie

Grow up.


Nick Clegg simply saying that there is 'no excuse whatsoever' for the London riots is a crassly inadequate response from someone who's fast becoming a crassly inadequate politician. Of course no one is going to condone this criminality and only a fool will try to turn it into a party political debate, there needs to be a proper and careful analysis of the underlying problems that make a young person arm themselves with a petrol bomb and commit a serious crime. In the following article, we consider how the left and the right both have legitimate points to make on the causes of the riots - http://www.allthatsleft.co.uk/2011/08/what-caused-the-london-riots/ -

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