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August 09, 2011


Richard Tom

The deputy prime minster bothers to go and meet the public and what does he get for it? Heckling. RIP Britain.

Ross J Warren

Seriously Clegg is the last person that anyone wants to see. Had he been more guarded during the GE, and less willing to sell his soul for votes, he might not be so despised by the average joe. We all agreed with Nick, but in reality Nick didn't agree with Nick.


I know, and Nick knows about arson.

Y Rhyfelwr Dewr

Excellent Nick. Now, you go back to the cabinet and explain to all your colleagues what a total bunch of tossers we think you all are.

A Public Sector Worker

This saddens me.


Clegg is not fit to be an MP let alone Deputy PM, a liar and a pawn, an ant crawling in the shoes of Gladstone and Lloyd George.

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