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July 10, 2011



So, apparently, did every LibDem politician and the editors of most of the newspapers - just the people to whom Cameron would want to listen.

It was a crap decison and many Conservative activists said so but let it be clear. Every single one of the illegal acts and failures to investigate occurred on Labour's watch. Labour Ministers had actual and direct knowledge of illegal acts and elected not to act for fear of weakening their own electoral position.

As to the LibDems we already know through Cable that they see themselves as at war with Murdoch.

None of 3 largest political parties will come out of this smelling of violets but Miliband must not be allowed to empty his midden onto Cameron. The LibDems will get their just reward at the next general election.


Did anybody warn Chris Huyne that is a criminal offence to avoid points on your driving licence for speeding by asking somebody else to take the rap especially if it is a wife you are divorcing.

ken from glos

With friends like these who needs enemies?

Richard Dolby

Chris Huhne is just as brainless and spineless as the rest of them...

Talking about 'waiting for the outcome of investigations...' yada yada yada...

We KNOW that Murdoch taking 100% of BSkyB would be bad for competition - why won't Chris Huhne say so ??

And the sight of Con Home and the Tories not being willing to cut Murdoch adrift because they are thick as thieves with his empire.

Oh but hang on, they are also in bed with Lord A$hcroft so are caught in a pincer movement of the 'lesser of two evils' as they see it..

When will Con Home grow some cojones and 'tell it like it is' and say that anti-trust law should be enacted in Britain to stop foreign investors plundering our media and spreading their fear and lies to cow our political class.

A Public Sector Worker

"When will Con Home grow some cojones and 'tell it like it is' and say that anti-trust law should be enacted in Britain to stop foreign investors plundering our media "

You are aware that Sky was actually Murdoch's own media empire and that he's just looking to take back what was his in the first place?

I'm also a little baffled at the implication that Murdoch will plunder and control too much of our media when not only will Sky News be hived off into an independent company but Murdoch already has a 39.1% stake in Sky News and will still retain it but gain no more. Still, maybe Sky One or National Geographic will start to spin to the right.

Edward Huxley

Do you have to damage the reputation of this highly esteemed site by mentioning this ghastly individual? It`s bad for my blood pressure as well.


Labour are absolutely up to their necks in this and I have no doubt that lots of MPs and ex MPs are extremely worried at the outcome of all of the investigations that will be going on. Chris Huhne was so self righteous this morning on the Andrew Marr Show. Ofcourse Paddy Ashdown and the editor of the Guardian didn't want Cameron to have a good Director of Communications and that's probably why they tried to stop Coulson's appointment. If they had all this so called information about Coulson why didn't they go to the police in 2005 -2006, why didn't they press the Labour Government, aka as Tony Blair's government, for an enquiry in 2005 -2006. When the police investigation got nowhere in 2006 why weren't they jumping up and down then. Unfortunately for David Cameron this is more of Labour's mess that he has to clear up. How dare Labour and the Lib Dems criticise him for doing the right thing. Incidentally was it the News of the World who first told us about Paddy Pantsdown?

John Bracewell

Did someone warn Cameron about appointing Huhne to the Cabinet? A little more serious than a Press consultant, Huhne is increasing prices in the energy sector on top of the increasing oil price effect by his so-called 'green' taxes, to promote inefficient renewable energy sources. Businesses, as well as individuals, are paying more for energy which is counter-productive for any business recovery. More research into renewable energy is needed before implementation of an expensive method of production. Perhaps he can get his mate Cable who seems to think he is God to increase the sun and wind effects on Britain, then the wind farms and solar panels will be cost effective.

Bedd Gelert

It will be interesting to watch Chris Huhne this week...

[Clegg] "I want you to back up our potential future coalition partner Ed Miliband on the BSkyB thingy."

[Huhne] "Yes, of course, boss - it will boost our credibility in the coalition to stand up to the Chipping Norton mafia.."
*** sometime later ***
[Milibland] "Chris, do us a favour mate, I need someone who isn't compromised by having a Murdoch hireling on the payroll to come out heavily against this BSkyB take-over, as an 'independent voice'. Will you do it ?"

[Huhne] "Love to mate, but The Sunday Times have a recording of me talking about that speeding thingy.. Couldn't you ask Vince ? He's good at that sort of thing..."

Dawn Carpenter

It was New Labour which politicised the Metropolitan Police and we saw the unedifying display of their Commissioners fawning over Tony Blair. Now we are to have an investigation of the investigation which purported to find no evidence sufficient to bring charges in Hackgate. It remains to be seen how much Labour knew about that investigation and the true reason for its failure. I would be very surprised if one of the more shadowy Laaour acolytes hae not been liaising with someone in the Met.

Alistair Thomas

Did any of the legions of people apparently advising Cameron who he should hire (or not) have any actual evidence to back up their advice? If they had evidence then they should have been talking to the police. If they didn't then it called "Hearsay" or "Prejudice", not exactly the best basis for making hiring decisions either.

In the four years that Coulson worked for the Tories have there been an repeats of the alleged practices that went on at the NotW? No? Then how is this a bad hiring decision? Coulson left when he became the story. When Miliband apologises (or even considers his position) for being part of a government where Mcbride set the tone for PR ethics, then I think he can take a pop at Cameron.

Dawn Carpenter

No, it's not as simple as that. Cameron wanted someone who would be his own Alistair Campbell -- someone who knew all the tricks. He ignored the warnings that Coulson's hands were unclean because Coulson's unclean hands were what he wanted. I believe the columnists who suggest that his loyalty to Coulson is based on fear of what Coulson could reveal. It was George Osborne who suggested Coulson for the Downing Street job -- that same Osborne who has now resumed his friendship with Peter Mandelson.

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