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July 11, 2011



Nick Clegg is something else!!
Mr Murdock is running a business and for Clegg to say do the decent thing is embarrassing and he should not get involved in commercial decisions he obviously knows nothing about.
What has hacking got to do with BSkyB and what is his opinion of the BBC. It is the BBC that is a problem to Conservatives.
There is nothing decent about the Liberal Democrats as they are unfit for government and cannot be trusted to govern in the National Interest.


Bilderberg SCUM who owes his entire career to the likes of Leon Brittan.


8% in the polls and FALLING. Looks like the public have finally seen Cl€€g for the puppet that he is.

Ultimo Tiger

What's a Bilderberg Scum?

Boy you people have some strange ideas.

Mr Angry

I'd like to see Clegg do the decent thing and sack Huhne for a start.

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