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July 12, 2011


Edward Huxley

Not him again! He must be the most loathed member of the Coalition. I really do not think he is quite sane. And please can we have the long running saga of his licence points cleared up once and for all?. He is either innocent or guilty, so let`s have the truth.

Geoff Montegriffo

Keeping the lights on? There isn't even a dim bulb between his ears.


whilst we are freezing our way through another cold summer he wants to throw our money at potty green energy.

i think it should be law that every energy bill has the amount of green subsidy to make it clear how much these people are costing the hard working tax payer

Elaine Turner

I have heard that the figure that is needed is £240 billion and the things that he mentions - not being reliant on the dodgy parts of the world are very true... however, whilst a lot more can be done for houses to keep themselves warmer and to be more efficient, we have to be honest and say that wind is not the way to go. All the hot air he generates should create a lot of wind! Perhaps that is his contribution?

Furthermore, if we don't help the power companies (and most of them are foreign, so why should we help them with subsidies) unless the generation companies are going to be guaranteed a payback in terms of higher prices, then it ain't going to happen. We should also be looking at using British Coal... although whether we can cleanburn it is unclear to me.


"Dangerous idiot" doesn't even begin to describe Huhne. When did government become the leadership of a national suicide cult ?


Get rid of this clown before he finally drives the nail into industry in this country, not to mention the higher energy costs to feed the "Climate Change" religion.

Toxic Storm Clouds

What is it that Huhne does not understand about 'the people needing' cheap energy - He may well like paying OTT for windfarms that are questionable in terms of there greeness - How much energy does it take to create them and deliver them and service them given they work for so little time.

Rather than windpower the key renewable in the UK is the tide IMO, it is predictable and virtually uninteruptable bar an tsunami, which would take out water based windfarms anyway where as tidal generated power may survive a freak tsunami.

Wind turbines have high jacked being green, IMO being green is preserving our countryside and mitigating the consumption of energy/ resources where possible but not if it puts us at a disavantage economically.

In terms of greeness would it not be better to use the overseas development budget to creat desalination plants on the coast of africa to pump water into desert/draught areas to grow crops and become self sustaining through eating their own crops that are a product of their own Labour. Indeed, contracts to build and maintain said water plants could be contracted out to the most cost effective operators. OSD fused with a green agenda in this way creates a carbon sink and the possibility of reversing desertification of africa for instance. It may also help to bring down population growth rates in those countries, what western countries have tried previously in terms of aid has not worked.

John Prendergast

Huhne (Huhne is German for Chicken! Just fncy that!)should be strapped onto one of his windy mills and spun until his head clears. I bet this will take less time than it will take the Essex police to brush his crimes under the carpet.

Steve Tierney

I wish Huhne would find something else to do with his time. In another time zone, ideally.


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