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June 06, 2011


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I feel no sympathy for this ex-Labour opportunist! The Union blokes can tar and feather him and tie him to a lampost for all I care!

Vince Causey

Vince Cable - heir to Thatcher :)

john parkes

Perhaps now the awful truth will dawn on the Business Secretary - government is quite difficult when the going gets tough. To compound his problems, Cable must understand that the level of trust generally in the Liberal Democrats is at a low ebb. Among the Unions it must be on a plateau somewhere below ground level.
The government has been holding private talks with the Unions, I believe, but what the latter say behind closed doors and what they offer for public consumption is not always the same.
We shall see now how attempts to apply sweet reason will allow matters to progress. To hear calls for the pay and conditions increases recently put forward by the Unions, however, indicates a rocky road ahead.


This snivelling little bod is acting like the original AA man.Warning drivers of stuff further up the road.
Cable did not intend this to be seen as a 'threat' to the unions,it was a sort of 'leak' of what is further down the track if they continue to think they are nothing to do with the rest of the workforce.
The unions in their 'wisdom' took this the wrong way and now the Bob Crows of the union world will dig their heels in,P off their members with 'evil Tory B*****ds are trying to stop your right to strike,as well as nick your pension and mass sackings',then calmly send out the ballot papers.

I think the result for the unions is called Karma.

Crow!If your reading this,give the council house to someone who NEEDS it you selfish,selfish man!
I earned £8k,Mr Holly earned about £9k when I gave my council house up and we bought our own.
Who do you represent?

Victor Southern

Was his reception unexpected? Even socialists can't get away with ideas to curb the Unions.

Cleethorpes Rock

I can just imagine Cameron and Osborne sending Vince for this one; a bit like the scene in Blackadder when Captain Blackadder picks up the phone and says "What? Operation Certain Death? Yes of course!! I think I have JUST the fellows!"


I would heckle Cable and I am not in a union.

Matthew Reynolds

Dr Cable can be an honest broker as an ex-Labour man.He can say to the unions that if they don't behave then he will not be able to resist the Tory Right who want the unions neutered good & proper.Cable should stress how modest the 'cuts' really are since public spending will be £50 billion higher by 2015-16 and the national debt up by £400 billion by then.

I would admire for Dr Cable standing up to the unions - this is what Gladstone would have done.He would have stood tall in defence of economic liberalism.What Dr Cable should think is that in many Lib Dem seats there are small businesses that could be creating more jobs if the regulatory burdens where lighter and more jobs might mean more credit for the Liberal Democrats in the 2015 general election.Dr Cable should be relentless in paring down the red-tape on the private sector.Even if he does not scrap many rules he could at least allow small & medium sized businesses to cease complying with them and/or just let all businesses comply with them in a watered down form.

Dr Cable should aim to follow the path of Gladstone and reduce regulatory burdens on business to fuel an economic upswing.If voters see that he is boosting job opportunities then the Liberal Democrat poll ratings may improve.Just as the PSBR has forced policy-makers to accept that some items of public spending have to go to avoid fiscal chaos causing a depression the weak economic growth figures should force the same policy-makers to conclude that numerous regulations on private business are a luxury that we cannot afford.If we are stifling productivity growth and retarding employment growth then those rules should go.Simple as that.

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