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May 16, 2011


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I am old enough to remember a similar case with Sir Gerald Nabarro the larger than life Tory MP for South Worcs. He had driven round a roundabout the wrong way and was stopped by the Police but insisted that his female PA has been driving. As far as I can remember he was not convicted. Then again he was NOT a Cabinet Minister as is Huhne.

It doesn't add up...

I was on a jury asked to consider a claim of mistaken identity in a drink-drive case. After the verdict, the judge had quite a few stern words to say about the witness who claimed to have been driving: I don't know whether he was prosecuted for perjury.


According to the Daily Mail the person who took the fine and driving licence points on his behalf was his wife and she has since recorded phone calls from him asking her not to talk to the press about it.
The awful Mr Huhne could be find himself in court sooner than later.


Really!Didn't say UNTRUE!!!Newsnight tonight should be interesting.

Andrew Smith

We already know he cannot be trusted by his word!

Tony Dean

He would say that wouldn't he?

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