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May 10, 2011


Elaine Turner

No doubt he does feel vindicated - but he was still a daft dick and that stain will remain.

Tony Makara

What Minister would be careless and stupid enough to be discussing Government business with strangers? Cable's lax regard for his position invited such an attack.

Vincit Veritas

I too censure the Telegraph for not goinjg half far enough. Cable should be strung up, he is a Trotsyite Euro pest..


He is daft, the media said he was very talented and clever.
I think Newspapers should pretend to be local people visiting their MP, but the type of questions he answered where suspect.


Vince Cable is unhinged and not suitable for government. He brings the Coalition into disrepute.
The Telegraph has every right to use investigative journalism so that the tax payer knows what the people we pay to govern the country are doing or not doing.
Nick Clegg should agree to move him to the back benches.


Cable doesn't care really; he was delighted to be "caught" slagging off the Government. Ever since this incident at his surgery, slagging off the Government is all he's been doing: in public.

Sack Cable, put Laws at Business, get the economy revving.


Isn't interesting that Conhome has failed to report on the row that Willets has cused by saying he wants to give the rich special treatment to get in to university? it is now front page news on newpapers and is the leading story on the BBC news site.

Time for Willets to resign.

Andrew Smith

So these people who proclaim their openness and enforce it on others, who say they are to be trusted with our democratic rights as lent to them, they object to having their true thoughts revealed which are contrary to what they say in public.

Have I got that right?

Toxic Storm Clouds

Lib Dems are untrustworthy FULL STOP! Shame another lower market newspaper didn't set up a proper honey trap!

Vince Cable is a TOOL!!!

Not so much Mr Flip - Flop but Wobbly Jelly! Why does he not just resign if he hates the government so much? Oh but wait - he is not going to do that because like the rest of the Lib Dems shysters he has NO principle. In terms of Moral/Ethical compass his seems to be lost in a rather smelly orifice.

Ultimo Tiger

Cable is a fool.

But it is funny seeing the Telegraph getting a kicking. Maybe they should be investigated for tax irregularities too.

Dawn Carpenter

What Mr. Cable did not tell us: "The Commission did feel that the newspaper had uncovered material in the public interest regarding the remarks made by Vince Cable about the News Corporation bid for BSkyB." That's from the Telegraph's comprehensive account of the decision. [http://www.news/8503891/PCC-adjudication-Liberal-Democrats.html]

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