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May 12, 2011



Does he get paid his salary when suspended? If yes, what is the point of that? I hope he spends the seven days doing something useful. I always think this when I read a police officer has been suspended for three months with pay - where is the punishment there? If there was one person responsible for paying his wages in any other field of business they wouldn't take this action with someone that had fiddled their expenses. MP's collectively got away with it because the rules weren't policed properly by the people that pay out the expenses on behalf of the tax paying public.


He should be in prison, as he is a thief.


Laws should lose his job as any other person would if in the same situation in business or industry.

Edward Huxley

I agree with the above comments. If someone is guilty of misconduct like fiddling the petty cash in an ordinary job does anyone think he would be told, take a week off with pay?

They must think we are all barmy

Vincit Veritas

There appears to be on e law for Laws and another for us. He was rightly suspended for seven days, unfortunately not by the neck.


It's the serious breaches of the rules over a long period of time.....the conflict with his private life needed to have been resolved long, long ago. In the public arena it is just a matter of time before the ticking timebomb explodes - never more so in this 21st century mobile phone/internet/twitter age. David Laws has committed a serious breach of parliamentary law. I am sure that his punishment will be considered by many, to be lenient. It remains to be seen how soon Dave/Nick seek to rehabilitate him into government circles once again. It is sad to see a talented man make such a foolish personal judgment - now he has to deal with the consequential fallout.

Malcolm Wood

So - David Laws has been suspended from Parliament for a week, for fiddling more than £56,000 of his expenses!!

Wow! That will certainly teach those corrupt MPs a lesson won’t it? That draconian punishment will have them all shaking in their shoes......I DON’T THINK.

What a farce and what a footling little punishment. Grasping MPs are still trying desperately to hang on to their expenses fiddles and pathetic taps on the wrist like this will do nothing to discourage them.

David Hankey

I just find it unbelievable that Cameron & Clegg feel what a wonderful chap Laws is. Whatever he is, whatever is sexual persuasion he took money, a lot of it, wrongly from the public purse which is a criminal offence.

How can politicians expect the ordinary man/woman to behave when it comes to benefit claims? They should know by now that should be leading by example, no ifs, buts or maybes. There simply is no defence for the Laws's action, it was wrong and deceitful and should in no way be glossed over.

Is Parliament so short of honourable and honest members it needs folk like this?!!


Laws should not be given any ministerial position during the course of this Parliament.

linda west

as a yeovil voter I have no doubt that david laws should resign as MP. other MPs lost their seats and/or reputations for less significant transgressions. any ordinary workers would in similar circumstances have been discuplined and dismissed. one rule ....? liberal democrats? integrity? what integrity?!

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