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May 07, 2011


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

The Tories should show just how "Ruthless" they are and SACK CABLE forthwith. This man is a political cancer, excise him.


One day, a yellow scorpion was walking along a river bank, wondering how to get to the other side.

All of a sudden the yellow scorpion saw a toad.

He asked the toad to take him on his back across the river.
The toad said, “No, If I do that, you'll sting me and I will drown.”

The scorpion assured the toad, “If I was to sting you, we would both drown.”

The toad thought about it and finally agreed and the yellow scorpion climbed up on the toads back. The toad began to swim... but.... halfway across the river, the yellow scorpion stung the toad.

As the poison filled his veins, the toad turned to the scorpion and said, “Why did you do that? You know that we will both drown.”

“I couldn't help it,” said the yellow scorpion. “It is my nature.” I am a Liberal Democrat and that's what us Liberal Democrats do.

martin sewell

If we are being asked to evaluate a Party Leadership's judgement, does Mr Cable think this is best demonstrated by calling for greater concessions for it, two days after it has been comprehensively rejected by the electorate on every issue, in every part of the country?

A period of silent reflection is surely called for.

Toxic Storm Clouds

The voting has finished, why is this Cable bloke still going on with this? He is obviously wanting to be sacked so he can pretend to be a Marter. Some of these Lib Dems behave in a strange way. Huhne and Cable should be sacked, indeed just replace them with Tories or if necessary bring Laws back and promote one Tory to cabinet whilst balancing this by filling in the promoted junior minister/ minister of state position with an economically dry yellow peril if possible. Indeed, what I would do is to screw up Lib Dem incumbancy just bring in someone from a seat won by the LD in 1992. Come the necxt election there seat will go Blue.

If the Lib Dems spent more time taking on Labour and less time attacking their own government they might not be so unpopular, if Lib Dems are going to do this then the Lib Dem positions in government should be recalebrated to cause maximum electoral fallout for the Lib Dems. All this talk about Lib Dems not wanting to be involved in cuts shows what a duplicitious bunch they really are! Does anyone else remember the Lib Dems saying they would axe half the government departments and the like? Probably not but they did.

Ultimo Tiger

Sack him and Hoon and replace them with Laws and someone who also has a brain.

martin sewell

Can we just remind ourselves, that on a 43% turn out and gaining about 35% of the vote, the recommendation of two "major party" leaders was accepted by something less 15% of the total electorate.


There can be no other course than to sack Cable. The man has neither morals nor scruples, and Conservative Cabinet members must be sick at the thought of having to work with him. Cameron should do it speedily without compunction.

john parkes

He`s still doing his best to be sacked and become a martyr; this presumably is to give him credibility in his Party so as to convince them they made a mistake in appointing a callow youth as their leader last time round.
Despite some years of campaigning against the Liberal Democrats, I find his attitude astonishing. He describes us as ruthless; what does he want? A gang of compliant Conservatives who, when he shouts `Jump` will only ask `How high?`. This is `big boys` politics now and he`d better get used to it. If he chooses to play rough he must expect the appropriate treatment.
There has been so much whining by the `Yes2AV` team that people are apt to forget what they were saying about the `No` campaign in general and the Conservatives in particular. Goebbels was small, thin and had a club foot. Huhne must need to go to `Specsavers`if he feels able to compare the Lady Chairman of the Conservative Party with Hitler`s propagandist; but then one expects this of mountebanks of that ilk.


'Excise' him. Do you mean exorcise or perhaps exercise him :-).

I cannot think of a time when cabinet ministers were so overtly critical of the Government they are a part of without being sacked (Brown was obstructive behind the scenes but not so overtly critical in public with language like this). They prove themselves unfit for high office almost on a weekly basis. This could be dangerous for Mr Cameron. If he lets this carry on too much longer he may look weak and if he sacks them them it could break the coalition and trigger a General Election.

A Public Sector Worker

Talk about sour grapes. He accuses the Conservatives of being tribal in being against AV, but how many Lib Dems lined up with the No campaign? Only Labour really can say that they weren't tribal here. Sorry, have to give them a little credit here.

I cannot believe all the whinging I've been hearing on the News channels from the Yes campaign as to how dirty things were and how personal the No campaign got, when most of the really personal actually came from Lib Dems. Goebbels-like? Only Tories, communists and the BNP are against AV? How does that compare against Nick's broken promises?

Frankly I'm quite happy for the Lib Dems to work with us, on one condition: they just shut up and get on with their jobs. The one thing that everyone should take from the council elections is that it's clear from the way that the Tory vote held up that the Coalition policies (or the Tory policies if you listen to Labour) are doing just fine and it's the behaviour of some of the Lib Dems that are getting up peoples noses.

And the less said about Jenny Tonge the better.


Force him to repeal the bank bonus tax and a few other things that will make him spit his dummy even more, then, when he goes, bring back David Laws.

As for Buff-uhne, water down his environmental brief so he pretty much has control of dogshit bins and park benches, then when he chucks his toys, bring in an Orange-booker.

Tony Makara

One can almost admire Mr Cable's Faustian belief that he can do a deal with what he sees as the devil and still get away with it. For years Vince Cable was presented by the media as a modern version of Mercury, doling out his message of wisdom to us mere mortals. Yet with the passage of power Mr Cable has proven to be less of an oracle and more akin to a court jester. A man exposed as being given to gaffs, given to excitable decisions, and labouring under embarrassing delusions of grandeur.

How long before the Prime Minister does the honourable thing and removes Mr Cable? Unless of course there is a clause to protect the LibDem inner circle as part of the Coalition deal?

Man in a Shed

The only problem on sacking Cable - is the Huhne richly deserves it also.

Cameron should sack Huhne for his disgraceful performance in Cabinet and warn Cable he's next. ( Clegg needs to realise this is the only way he's going to keep respect as leader also ).

If the Lib Dems want a general election - then lets have one.

It doesn't add up...

I read that in about 10 days, Cable and Huhne would be entitled to a ministerial pension. Perhaps that's what they're hanging on for. It would improve government if they took one.


If Cameron is waiting for the 10 days for Cable and Huhne to be entitled to a ministerial pension, then Cameron should join the likes of David Chaytor, Eric Ilsley and Jim Devine.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Wait the ten days, sack both, bollock Clegg! Simples!


Did I hear this bloke say 'professional, business-like'...this from the man who told an undercover reporter about plans to interfere, in a Third World manner, in a certain TV company related issue?

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

"Did I hear this bloke say 'professional, business-like'...this from the man who told an undercover reporter about plans to interfere, in a Third World manner, in a certain TV company related issue?"

Indeed Eugene and that incident reminded me of the script of "Our Friends in the North" and remember that Cable was originally Labour. I have no love whatsover for Murdoch but Cable hardly showed a professional approach on that occasion.

Cameron must NOT procrastinate or he will be seen as lacking moral fibre. Sack Cable next week, even I would rather have Laws who has done his year in the sin-bin.


Cable may be prepared to work with the Conservatives but will the Conservatives work with Cable.
Clegg, Cable and Huhne should do the decent thing and resign from the government and take their place on the back benches.

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