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April 12, 2011


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I have to say this for Cleeg, at least he was very polite and did not insult her as Brown did last year although she was right on the nail that his reply to her question was a non-answer.

Ultimo Tiger

She's a lifelong Labour voter. Surely someone should confront her over the damage her and people like her have done for decades and decades?

A Public Sector Worker

Not sure what he could have said, mind. It's clear from the reporting on the BBC website that she thinks its only gone wrong with the formation of the Coalition, and her question about why Clegg couldn't have gone into Coalition with Labour shows she's a little of touch with what her previous Govt did.

Sally Roberts

I think he handled her brilliantly! You could see she was doing everything she could to try and make him lose his temper; instead he stayed calm and polite.

Denis Cooper

It's OK rattling off numbers for how much is being borrowed a day and how many primary schools it would build etc ect, but the simpler and more readily comprehensible truth is that the Labour government was having to borrow a quarter of all the money it was spending - and the present government is still having to do something close to that.

Denis Cooper

But he was roughly right!


"So if we wanted to build a school in Rochdale every twenty minutes with a budget of roughly £400 million, how much could we potentially spend on each project?

In 24 hours we would have time to build 72 schools, meaning that each building could cost up to £5.56 million – within the ball park range offered by DfE, and enough in theory to build a primary school with a nursery in the Rochdale area."


Clegg did OK, he didn't answer her main question properly though. He should of looked her into the eye and said yes, I am happy my p[arty has matured and taking difficult decisions, I may not like some of them but they are necessary for our country to get back onto its feet. He acted like a typical politician by not answering her question.

Oh dear Gillian... still believe Labour would be the better option? She'll never learn. A lovely women though, very sweet and down to earth. I think she represents many though that do not understand that we inherited a huge budget deficit that started long ago in the 'good' days but now needs to be sorted out once and for all. People still haven;t got the jist of that argument. It is immoral that we are paying so much out in debt interest (which would of been higher if Labour's deficit reduction was put to the markets).

Schools and hospitals or debt interest? Which departments should get the most money? Debt interest is the only department getting sh*t loads of cash at the moment.


Say what you like about Mrs Duffy she does twist the knife to politicians who are down, first Brown, now Clegg!


I would point out to Mrs Duffy though that true liberalism is most certainly not socialism!

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I would love to see her taking on Cameron? Would he have the guts to face her?


Clegg did pretty well. He showed that, no matter what you think of the coalition, you can't accuse them of just trying to be popular. Contrast that with Labour just telling people what they want to hear and soft-soaping them.

Mrs Duffy is pretty typical of the people who will vote Labour come hell or high water. She looked pretty befuddled and clueless about the scale of the problems and really wasn't interested in listening to some hard facts. There are a lot of Mrs Duffys out there, nice decent people who care about their neighbours, but who just want to keep putting their hands over their ears when the truth starts to get through.

It doesn't add up...

This was a setup by the Labour Party.


Her MP fixed it for her. Next gig: talking to Redward on ITV. About as convincing as the Yes2AV campaign.

"In a scene that the satirists behind The Thick of It would struggle to match, Duffy was ushered into the company's reception area just as Clegg's minders spotted three Labour activists waiting in the wings. The pensioner is close to Simon Danczuk, the town's Labour MP, who captured the seat from the Lib Dems last year."



The Labour Party and the local Labour MP should be ashamed of themselves in getting an old lady to do their dirty work.
We all know that Labour are telling lies to the public about the state if the economy and denying that Labour bankrupted the country.


Gillian Duffy is a bizarre person: when "Bigot-gate" broke, she was quoted as showing remorse that she should have got the Labour Party into such a pickle! Clearly tribal, patholgical, Labour, who just happened to be caught up in a mess not of her making when Brown forgot his mike was on.

Shame on Simon Danzcuk who put her up to this "Take 2" on her notoriety.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Robert, she is a life-long Labourite but thinks for herself. I bet you were cheering with everyone else in the Blue Camp and probably the Lib-Dems who then held the seat when she caught Brown out the week before Polling Day last year? At least she is not a Sychophant and Toady of the "My Party right or wrong" type.

WHS, I think it's called Politics. Don't try to tell me that the Conservatives have never ambushed or set-up a Labour politician?

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