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March 13, 2011



Clegg is right the Libdems haven't lost their soul, they've sold it.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I couldn't care less if Clegg has toughed up or has saved his miserable party's soul. However I was deeply annoyed by his patronising description of people such as myself as "Alarm Clock Britain"! How dare he! It is people such as myself who work and pay our taxes to pay him to play at being Deputy Prime Minster, a sinecure of a job if ever there was one. This callous remark was as insulting as an equally condescending one made by a Conservative Political Commentator who described my type of person as "the pound-stretching class". No wonder ordinary folk give the V sign to these pompous politicos and can't be bothered to vote.

If myself and people like me are to be defined then let it be as hard working, law-abiding, citizens with a firm moral footing, and a respect for the elderly, the disabled and those vulnerable in Society and not like the strutting peacocks who feel they are our betters.

michael mcgough

He makes Blair look sincere.


The idea that this man has any empathy or understanding with the striving aspirational classes is yet another of his barefaced lies. At least Judas Iscariot was overcome with shame having sold himself for 30 piecs of silver.....whereas hubris and arrogance are stamped into Clegg's DNA. He has gone out of of his waay to destroy middle class earnings and savings with punitive regressive taxes targeted directly at that them (including the child benefit measure and the tripling of tuition fees) while his party has backed the Tories over their none-too-subtle policy (fronted by the utterly useless Mervyn King) of letting inflation rip.

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