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March 04, 2011


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I'm still rolling about in hysterics at this result. I am glad I stayed up for it as it was joy to my heart to see not only UKIP come second but the Lib-Dems humiliated and crushed like a cockroach under one's heel. A miserable 6th, behind the BNP and an Independent and losing their deposit! Wonderful! I slept well last night I can tell you. I look forward to the Lib-Dems taking a pasting in the Local Elections on May 5th and in the Scots and Welsh Assembly elections on the same day.

It will be of great interest when we have a by-election in a Tory or Lib-Dem held constituency, which by the way of things is bound to occur.


Clegg is writing off the Lib-Dumbs by continuing to support rabid tory policies like 'free' faith schools and the plunder of the NHS. Distance yourself Nick before it's too late.

Edward Huxley

Bad for the LibDems - bit of an understatement, disastrous most would say.

Cameron and Clegg now look like Laurel and Hardy, "that`s another fine mess you got us into"


The man is utterly doomed and he must know it.
It will be Lord Clegg before very long.

In France, Austria, Sweden, Denmark and above all Holland populist right-wing parties opposed to the EU and Islamification are hoovering up the votes.

I think that UKIP is following the same trend. In times of crisis there is no space for liberal quivering jelly policies by a couple of toff clones.

Ultimo Tiger

The Lib Dems will still exist, albeit they might be much reduced in stature.

It doesn't add up...

I wonder if this will change Lib Dem attitudes to AV? With the kind of trends seen in this by-election AV would accelerate Lib Dems to oblivion.

Denis Cooper

Clegg and the other LibDem ministers are now in too deep to suddenly say that it was the wrong decision to go into coalition with the Tories, and rightly so for the sake of the country when gilts investors could still very quickly turn very nasty.

There'll probably be ructions among the LibDems, with many hard-working members bitterly resenting that the progress they've made through their constant efforts is now being thrown away because they're being tarred with the same brush as the evil Tories; but for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in electoral sickness and in electoral health, the fates of Cameron and Clegg are now indissolubly joined.

My advice to both would be to say "yes" to AV, or in Cameron's case at least to quietly back off from saying "no", because it looks like the two parties will need each other's support at the 2015 general election if either is to have any chance of participating in the next government.


In reply to Denis Cooper, Cameron needs a 'Yes' vote on AV like he needs a hole in the head!!

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Thanks Herbie. I was going to vote YES2AV anyway on its merits but I will most certainly do so if Cameron needs a 'Yes' vote on AV like he needs a hole in the head! Anything that will take the wind out of that prat's sails I am up for.

Denis Cooper

Herbie, we know that Cameron has set his face very firmly against AV, on the calculation that it might slightly reduce the heavy over-representation that Tory supporters have long enjoyed, but by this time in 2015 he may regret it if AV has been defeated. What's he going to do if Labour are still well ahead in the polls and are heading for victory under FPTP? Agree with Clegg that the coalition will put up single coalition candidates? Or that each of the two parties will stand aside if the other clearly has the best chance of beating the Labour candidate? Which of those two options would you prefer, and how could it be better than trying to get supporters of each party to give the candidates of the other party their second preference votes, with a greatly improved chance that Cameron could continue as Prime Minister leading the same coalition government?


No need to worry for the Conservative Party until 2015.
Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems are out of their depth in government and it shows.

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