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March 11, 2011



I hope Nick Clegg "holds his nerve" with David Cameron when he is arguing for that EU referendum that has been Lib Dem policy for the last few years. Lets hope Nick Clegg is telling David Cameron he's "talking bilge" when he refuses an EU referendum.

I'm sure everyone hopes that Britain's "europhile" Deputy Prime Minister can persuade Britain's most "euro-sceptic" ever Prime Minister of the case for a democratic referendum on EU membership. What a shame that the coalition agreement prevents one of the most popular Lib Dem policies, especially with Conservative members and the country at large, from being implemented.

One is left wondering how the "euro sceptic" Conservative leadership managed to negotiate such a poor deal.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Your wasting your time Yorskhireman! Clegg and his party are even more Europhile than Cameron and his Roons. That promise of a referendum on continued EU Membership was a typical Lib-Dem pie in the sky promise given in the expectation that it would never be called upon as the L-Ds as usual would never be in Government. Oh Dear! Someone didn't read the script and Nick and his party are all in it together in a "Big Society" with the Tories called the Coalition and have to answer for their promises on Student Fees etc.

Personally I hope he gets crucified by his ordinary members and they take an even bigger bath than at Old and Sad or Barnsley Central in the coming Local, Scots and Welsh, elections and in Leicester South.

Have grassroots Lib-Dems the courage to topple Clegg in favour of Faron or Hughes? I'd like to think so but I am not holding my breath!


Assume he means the ANAL given the Barnsley result!

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