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March 18, 2011



Is this the same Nick Clegg who was so against the Iraq war? Oh well, cometh the hour, cometh the man.

Andrew Smith

Nations should not take decisions on war just because a small number of countries at the UN have said they may or should do so. Such decisions should always be based on our national interests (if we now have any distinct ones as members of the EU).

Clegg's theory is based on a World Government or NWO idea, which has never been endorsed by the British people and is totally unacceptable, especially from a Privy Counsellor and deputy PM.

Andrew Smith

Despite some TV pictures, there were not many in the House!

The question from the Labour back benches about our policy regarding similar attacks on civilians elsewhere was, perhaps, the most telling. Meaningful answer came there none.

What on earth has this got to do with us?

A few heavy machine guns, SAM-type missiles and anti-tank missiles (Roland) with a little training done in the Eastern desert covertly, would have enabled the people to effectively defend themselves. Similarly, if we really must get involved (which I dispute), then a few attacks on radar, tank columns and aircraft in the course of bombing the East, would have silenced Gadaffi long ago and avoided so much fighting.

Cameron does really look a pathetic figure, forever trying to be a Thatcher (Falklands) or even a Blair, by imitating his illegal and foolish expeditions to Iraq and Afgan.

Malcolm Wood

Dear Mr Cameron. Now that the UN has voted for a no-fly zone over Libya, wouldn't it be lovely if we had an aircraft carrier and some Harrier jump jets to help enforce it.
Oh - we did have, but you've scrapped them all. Pillock!


What about the carbon footprint ? Has Chris Pauk-Huhne told them to use bio-kerosene ? Will redundant pilots be used in case they get shot down ? Can't we use private contractors instead ? Will Cameron get some photo ops giving pilots a cup of sake ?

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