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March 24, 2011


Vince Causey

At least he didn't say "What an obnoxious biggoted woman"

Colly Wobbles

The man is a disgrace and an embarrassment. I really hope he doesn't join the party.

Ultimo Tiger

Why do I like Clegg more than Cameron?

Ricardo's Ghost

@Ultimo Tiger

- Have you been drinking today?


He only said it jokingly. It's hardly a big deal is it? Of course they agree on a lot - they're in a coalition and they're working together. I'd rather have Clegg & Cam working together in the national interest rather than Brown & Blair working against each other for their own gains.


I thought he was already a member of the Tories and wouldn't be at the debates anyway? He'd only stand there going oh David we've done so much good, now, let us kiss one another, ohh ohhhhh


He is a tory anyway and when his party gets destroyed at the locals he will realise there is only one place left for him in British politics as a Tory MP and they'll give him a safe seat

After today's cock up he now knows a little how Gordon Brown must have felt

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Now what a surprise! Separated at birth those two. I am reminded of when the animals look at the pigs and the men at the end of Animal Farm and they can no longer tell the difference. Nick Cameron or David Clegg? Take your pick for leader of The Lib-Con Centre Party.


Some on here, it would seem, prefer the PM and his Deputy to be fighting. Says little positive and constructive about the outlook of these posters.

Ultimo Tiger

I don't want them fighting, I just want to replace Shameron with myself.

Amber Astron Christo

They are working together for the post democratic Europe they both support--not in the interests of our Nation !!!

Tony Makara

Increasingly, one senses, by instinct, as well as by judgement, that Clegg lacks the demeanour required to be a senior political figure. Mr Clegg is once again, caught playing at politics.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Ultimo, I want to replace Shameron with a CONSERVATIVE! e.g. David Davis, Douglas Carswell, Bill Cash, Edward Leigh.


I disagree with the LibDems pro-Europe stance & their soft attitude on crime, but on most other things I think they've done well in the coalition. Without them supporting the cuts that we're doing - markets would've been spooked. If we were in a minority government right now - we'd be so weak. At least we're getting laws through as we are. And as someone in a Labour area with Labour parents/friends (poor me!) it's nice to have a government that's more centre-right than right wing. When they say "cuts are unfair," I say "1. Labour built the deficit. 2. The government's doing lots to help the poorest out of tax/keep NHS spending up/pupil premium etc etc" It's good to have policies that appeal to a broader range of people rather than ones that appeal to a specific amount of people. Elections are won on the centre ground and I really believe we should stay there if we want to do well in 2015.

Steve Tierney

I cant see any problem with the leaders of two coalition parties, who are also PM and deputy PM, agreeing on a lot of things. I would imagine that pressure, hostile forces etc would make any two people allies in a similar situation. That doesn't mean I agree with everything they think - but the fact they get on and work well together is no bad thing.


The blind leading the brain-washed and brain-dead.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Speak for yourself Trashdacyber! Had I wanted a Centrist Lib-Dem Government I would have campaigned and voted for that party. I wanted a Conservative Government but there has not been one of those since 1992-97 and that one, under Major, was no great shakes! I feel that I will have to wait some time to see a true Demcratic Right Wing Government in Westminster and it WON'T be led by Cameron or one of his type!


Excellent to see they are united.

גני אירועים

The national doing plenty to help the lowest out of NHS investing top quality. It's excellent to have guidelines that attract a greater variety of individuals rather than ones that attract a percentage of individuals.

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