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February 13, 2011


southern softie

The disabled did not cause the economic mess we are in and hence should not be the ones to pay for the folly of the bankers and prevous government.
Let the banks and fiance sector pay for the economic mess.Despite what the government had done they did not go far enough with the bankers.
These cuts will impact most on the disabled and who are poor due to unemployment rates much greater than their abled peers.
Compassionate conservatism must be applied for this vulnerable group.

Phil East

Yes the public do, but we need to cut harder than we are, and indeed faster.

Andrew Smith

Current plans mean the Conservative led coalition will be spending more than they collect at the end of 5 years in office and so the debt will still be growing.

How can it be with the approval of the people that we increase spending on the EU and related Euro bail out measures, while cutting libraries, etc. Is Cable claiming the public support this, if so let's have a referendum on it.

Roddy Martindale

Don't worry ...when the 'Big Society' kicks in the 'Great' will be back in Britain !!


Someone who starts Labour, moves to L-D and then plays a major role in a Conservative led Government must be living in his own self-serving bubble - and what further proof is needed than this comment.

No, the public do not understand, nor agree with cuts to domestic budgets while continuing to pay the EU exorbitant amounts.

Before going any further with domestic cuts, those currently intended should be averaged; then cut this percentage from the UK EU budget contribution - unilaterally if necessary; and use this to ‘buy back’ some of the cuts.

Jack Pershing

The reality of our financial situation hasn't sunk in, judging by the reaction of the Question Time audience. When Maude blamed the previous government for the mess we're in he was booed like a pantomime villan ( led by Jaqui, the trougher, Smith).


Mr Holly is on DLA.
We do not moan about it being cut,because we know cuts have to be made.
We will adjust our spending accordingly and will not be 'poor',as some are claiming they will be.
WE are part of the solution,NOT the problem.
We are happy to do our bit and do NOT just take the lazy way and blame it all on the bankers.
Also whether the bankers get bonuses or not will make not a jot of difference to the deficit apart from the drop in tax revenue.
Cutting off your nose to spite your face is what the Labour bods would have us do.
Are we really going to welch on our debt and pass it on to our children?
I for one want it paid off as quickly as possible,
so we can begin to grow.They certainly played no part in this mess,why should we leave it for them to clean up?

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