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February 06, 2011


Andrew Smith

Rufty tufty threats are no way to run a country.

try clear laws and low taxes.

Mr Angry

Just reinforces the fact that this, essentially socialist, man should not be in a supposedly Conservative led government. Oh yes I forgot, this is in reality a LibDem led lefty government. Silly me.


Chris Paul-Huhne is a motor-mouth who really is a complete hypocrite. His body language on Sky yesterday with jerking head showed a supercilious contempt and sense of regal self-importance and pomposity


with what the tory con get away with tax dogers should look closer to home


david con man what on earth has he done just thinks up polices that have no meaning only results in higher taxes higher uninployment looks like higher intrest rates economy double dip please thats no way to run a country go you wear not voted in whatever labour is its tying to help its people i think clegg backed the wrong horse dont you


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