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January 27, 2011


Phil Kean


The British people have thus far been able to escape such treatment by retaining control over who governs them, and by maintaining an adequate military capability in order to defend themselves against belligerent aggressors.

As we reflect at this solemn time, I only hope we are one day able to bring before British courts all those whose treachery served to divest our once-great country of these most sacred of democratic protections.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

On this solemn day we must NEVER forget what can happen even in a civilised industrial first world nation, as was Germany in those days, when extremism is allowed to gain a foothold.

God grant that this will never occur again!

Whatever your religion or even if you do not have one, stop, take a minute of your time and reflect on all those who died in the Holocaust and their families and friends.


when extremism is allowed to gain a foothold.

Lest we forget repeated pogroms in Russia throughout the 19th Century and the massacre of Christian Armenians in 1915 in Turkey. The simple fact is that Pol Pot was still able to do a fair bit of killing without the world getting too fussed and Mao Tse-Tung did 20-40 million trying to catch up with Joe Stalin, Britain's wartime ally. Do we really need Nick Clegg to be quite so sanctimonious about what he learned at junior school ?


TomTom , you are right. The only thing that Clegg is good for is being sanctimonious....in several languages of course. He and Cameron are very keen that Turkey should join the EU, despite Turkey still admitting no responsibility for tha Armenian genocide.

Don't be too hard on Pol Pot: between bouts of real estate speculation in NW London, Pa Miliband thought he was misunderstood.

Pro Life

What about the 6 million (British) unborn children that have been murdered?

G Hadd

What about hounoring all those millions of Christains who have suffered and continue to suffer from Muslim oppression, murder and rape?

martin sewell

It is interesting that this morning, the BBC preceded a piece on Holocaust Remembrance Day with an interview with George Soros who is in Europe for the Davos Summit and also to continue his largesse towards Left Wing Think Tanks by contributing towards a project at the LSE. He is presumably giving back to this country a little of the billions he made some years back when he broke Sterling.

The BBC is famous for its technique with politicians of ending an interview on one subject with another unrelated ambush when they say
" Whilst you are here I wonder if you would like to comment on....?"

Interestingly, given the day, they did not see fit to ask Mr Soros about his own experiences as a 14 year old in Nazi occupied Hungary, but this may be because in his autobiography he mentions that he used to accompany a Nazi official going round the Jewish households serving property appropriation Orders.

Given his age at the time I might have been content with such an oversight, were it not for the fact that, according to Fox News Glenn Beck, in the autobiography of one of the richest and influential men in the world Mr Soros chooses to refers to those times as amongst the happiest of his life.

If the allegation is true the BBC ought to have probed it, if false it ought to have invited Mr Soros to put the record straight on this of all days. If he were not a Nazi fellow traveller, his recollections would have been interesting to hear.

Did our National Broadcaster not know this? ( I thought al Leftists were glued to the much hated Glenn Beck Show) Did they not want to give the great benefactor of the Left the opportunity to explain himself? Or might it be that they institutionally give a pass on such inconvenient truths to those who are not of a Conservative frame of mind?

Stuart  Smith

How to prevent such happening again, = You do not go down the left wing road of disarming the people, every country that murdered many of their population did one thing in common, they brought in civilian gun control, Hitler, Lenin, polpot, Amin, Turkey the Armenians, et all, having a firearm is the last defence against a totalatarian government.
Not just Holocaust day, but remember the 170 million killed by their governments throughout the world in the last century.
Remember that it was the Conservative party yhat banned pistol shooting in this country.
I am conservative, but have not voted since 1992.
Aliatair Campbell on the radio yesterday said he did not know why the Conservative party did not win an overall majority at the may election?
Maybe because the true Conservatives did not vote?

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