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December 05, 2010


It doesn't add up...

There was a delightful set of sketches on (appropriately enough) The Goon Show at the time of the Profumo scandal. Will we see Hancock's Half Hour now?


The question is, why did Mike Hancock allow her to table PQs on matters of national security when she was first suspected, very publicly, back in August? Hancock is widely known to be pro-Russian and pro-Putin (not terribly LibDem that, is it) – does he know more than he’s letting on? http://bit.ly/ihObE9

Andrew Smith

Those in favour of unlimited non-EU immigration argue that commerce would be damaged if numbers were restricted. Presumably Mr Hancock engaged Ms Zatuliveter knowing she was a foreign national and he checked her right to work here.

But why was she given any such right? Is it seriously suggested there is no other person in the UK who would act as Mr Hancock's researcher so he needed to recruit from Russia?

The naivety of the LibDems knows no bounds - an MP for a defence base city and a member of a Parliamentary group involved with defence and he engaged a Russian national - unbelievable, but true.


"Moscow Centre" will of course have advised Hancock of her role???!!!!!!

Matt Woods

I couldn't care less about the girl; I think it's more likely that Hancock himself is a Russian spy.

Anyhoo, it all amounts to a rather lovely excuse to have Knacker of the Yard take a trip to chez Hancock and ask a few questions. Maybe we could get the Home Secretary and House of Commons authorities to have him removed on security grounds, at least until after the Tuition Fees vote?

Victor Southern

Mike Hancock has some problems. He is at the moment on police bail himself and it beggars all belief that the best assistant he could find is a Russian national.

Elaine Turner

How would this silly man, our equivalent in his own quiet way of Berlusconi I fear, know whether she is a spy or not? Has he never heard for honey traps? This is also being covered on the comments page for those who might be interested. Hancock should resign. This is one serious gaff too far.

13th spitfire

Yes, because we all know that if his researcher was in fact a russian spy Mr. Hancock would be the first to know... Given that spies have a tendency to respond favourably to the question 'sir, are you a spy?'



Mike Hancock is a typical Liberal Democrat MP who is continually asking questions about our armed forces and our defence strategy on the pretence of freedom of information and generally making a nuisance of himself in Parliament.
Why do we want Liberal Democrat MPs like this who appear not to support the government in protecting the British people?
He is currently on bail for alleged indecent assault.
He employs a Russian girl as a researcher who is alleged to be a Russian Spy.
Mr Hancock is a liability and Nick Clegg needs to deal with this man and decide if he is required as a Liberal Democrat MP especially as they now have responsibility in Government.

Andrew Smith

robert will have to work very hard to convince me that the government is currently protecting the British people. By what actions and with what resources, one wonders.


this MP is also a councillor in Portsmouth. time for all the papers to start ferreting.


Russia is not a member of the EU. This woman came to "study" and then was allowed to stay and work. Is it seriously suggested that there are no young people here equipped and willing to be researchers for MPs? Spy or not, she should be sent home.


Hmmm so Handycock, couldn't find a researcher who just happened, 'not' to be a 25 year old Russian female with long blonde hair, but then I'm sure she was more than adequately equipped in so many other ways.

The more people try to convince me that this Coalition will last till 2015 the less convinced I am.



Mike Hancock probably couldn't find anyone in Portsmouth to do the job.

Andrew Smith

If Mike Hancock couldn't find anyone in Portsmouth to do the job he seems to have had in mind, it is the only dock town in the country where that is true!

Malcolm Butt

Doesn't Hancock advocate Unilaterial Nuclear disarmement?

Looking at comments about the other allegations and then his arreast, this bloke looks like he should not be parliament.

Added to which I think it is wrong for a MP to employ overseas staff, no wonder Liberal Democrats want an amnesty on illigal Immigrants and Unrestricted Immigration.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

In a city the size of Portsmouth surely there is a British born person who could have been Hancock's personal assistant, or researcher or whatever? Why did he need to employ a Russian?


I assume the impartial commenters will also assume that any good-looking Conservative assistants also only got their job due to their looks and make similarly unfounded insinuations.

It doesn't add up...

According to the Daily Mail who were obviously briefed by their favourite sppok:

" The MI5 officers who spoke to her appeared to know details of her love life, suggesting that she was under surveillance.

She is alleged to have had an affair with someone working at Nato, though a spokesman for the organisation said it had no knowledge of any such allegation."

I'd say that imply that insinuations are well founded.


The insinuations I was referring to were that Hancock was having a physical relationship with her.

Moscow Tory

I assume those who are advocating sacking this girl on the sole basis of her nationality also support sacking all the American interns and researchers that are based in Parliament? After all, can't we find British kids to do these jobs? America isn't in the EU, so why should these people be allowed to be here, etc...

I don't recall anyone saying that we should have no Muslim researchers in Parliament either. We also have plenty of Chinese nationals working in PArliament. Why single out Russians, other than to play to Cold War fantasies?

Allegations or not she is innocent until proven guilty and the fact that she is Russian and blonde is not in itself enough to convict her.

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