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December 22, 2010



"Some teacup,some POT"


Tim Farron is an utter lightweight as are most of the Lib Dems including Cable, that he stays in government shows what a lack of talent the Lib Dems have as MPs and how they put their own Liberal Democrat party interest before the Governments and the countries.

The Lib Dems are like screaming brats that cry, whinge and throw tantrums if they don't get their way. The nappy seems to be filled by these gutless babies on a daily basis by the pathetic lib dem MPs who have no bottle. It seems that only a few in the Lib Dem party are capable of adult politics and the others are not really upto being legislators. How many great parliamentarians or even good ones have the Lib Dem party produced in recent years? If the benchmark is getting dog excrement cleaned up, some dotty idiot issue that changed then they have been a great success, on a real test and fair one compared to other MPs of all parties nothing and zero impact. Lets remember even back in the 1960's when the Liberals could not even fill a Yellow Taxi, David Steel managed to get some epic legislation through with the support of the then government. What do LD do now, the reply is nothing - they fiddle, lie and cheat and are not fit to be in parliament nevermind in government.

Stuck with another 4 years plus of the Lib Dem excrement in government is a good excuse to go down the pub.

Andrew Smith

Although the teacup is not yet a registered emblem, please don't use the symbols of the TEA Party so casuallY (sic)!

If cabinet ministers are allowed to disavow the government they are in so casually, that is the end of cabinet government. All hail Presidente Cameroni.

Colin Smith

Epic failure to understand the gravity of the situation Mr Farron.

Nice LD bovine excretia as usual, but everyone now knows that's all you've got.

Tick tock, tick tock


Indeed it is, I can't believe everyone has made such a fuss about this...

Anyone for tea?

martin sewell

Vince Cable is weakened and this response confirms that the Lib Dems are themselves weakened.

When you contrast this with the response of David Cameron to Lord Young's much less problematic remarks you see the contrast. DC may have to put up with the situation for tactic reasons but when he looks across the Cabinet table, Cable will know that he is there on sufferance, and in other circumstances his feet would not have touched the ground on the way out.

Two gaffs down and he knows that the next will be fatal for his career. His credibility is deeply undermined. You cannot make a substantial stand against someone who has saved your butt twice already.

Michael Dixon

The problem here is one of political maturity and the Liberal Democrats are going to have to learn fast that they are now an integral part of Government,not just onlookers and know-alls from the sidelines, as in the past. Their reputation as serious players in our political system is on the line, because if they are seen wanting now, they will have nowhere to go for the future when they attempt to claim to be a government in waiting etc.

I am a supporter of the Coalition in the current circumstances from the Conservative point of view. I rate Clegg, Alexander and Laws. But for Cable and the rest who have proved too chatty, their reputations are on the line. Head down and some real hard work would be a good start-and end-to 2011.

A 2011 general election for the Liberal Democrats would be a disaster. Cable and co. would do well to remember that too.


A 2011 election would be equally disastrous for the tories, hence Dave not sacking Vince as he should have done.

Harold Tigerlet

Anon you are complete puss. Think about it. The Lib Dems are standing up to the Murdoch Phychosocioeconomic control motivated by greed. You probably do very well out of it. These guys are total heroes, standing up to the capatilstic greed that will be our undoing. Personally I hope their actions completely screw the greedy scum that are destroying society.
Vince Cable for Prime Minister I say.

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