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December 04, 2010


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Vince, drink deep of the cup of bitterness!

I am delighted at the extreme discomfort of the Lib-Dems on the issue of Tuition Fees. For decades the Liberals/Alliance/Lib-Dems have promised the moon in the sure and certain knowledge that they would never be called upon to deliver as they would not be the Government. Now they are in a Government and can be called to account for their broken promises. I do not know who will win the next General Election nor if, with AV by then in operation, they will have a majority or need to form a coalition with another party. However one thing I DO hope to see is a great decline in the number of Lib-Dem MPs as both Labour and Conservatives snatch back those seats lost to the LDs. To see them once again reduced to single figures in the Commons would bring great joy to my heart!


What a farce. How can anyone ever believe a word him or Clegg say.

Jack Simpson

I'm part of the first year of student to be affected by the changes and to me they seem perfectly fair and sensible. The Lib Dems did make a stupid pledge in the election, but I hope (and think) they will get over it well within in the lifetime of this Parliament. I've got to say, though, that the stance of Lib Dem ministers on how they will vote is coming across as so clumsy and a bit embarassing.

michael mcgough

Clegg and Cable head a bipolar party on a bipolar coalition.
I'm sick of the will they?,won't they ? vote against their pledges.
It is like panto and they are the nasty ugly sisters.

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