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November 12, 2010


Paul Biggs

That'll excite the electorate, not! Pretty irrelevant anyway as our government resides in Brussels!


The authority of the House of Commons will be diminished with an Elected House of Lords.
The Lords will be democratically elected by the people and the electorate will expect them to represent them and work on their behalf in a similar way to MPs.
If this is not the case constitutionally why would the people bother to vote.


Excellent, another way for slippery party careerists to board the gravy train. We are turning into a bannana republic.

Bill Brinsmead

In a democracy we the people elect our legislators.

13th spitfire

Yeah well Mr. Brinsmead it is a bit weird electing people who do not form part of the executive i.e. those who execute legislation. It is equally weird not electing the people who do, i.e. those chaps in Brussels who make our life a daily misery.

Denis Cooper

PR for the second chamber would not be my preferred option, but as that's what'll be on offer so be it.

I notice that woman coming out with the usual tripe about needing top experts in the second chamber, as if she's never heard of experts being summoned to give their specialised evidence to parliamentary committees but without being able to vote on every Bill - the great majority of which lie outside their own areas of expertise.

tony dean

We want the abolition of the House Of Lords, not more gravy trainers in it.

I send a lot of emails to their lordships, half of them do not have an email address, the half that do, only half of them do not clear their inbox from one week to the next, emails bounce back.

Some of the autoresponses from their email boxes say things like:- "will be away until June 2011", and "I will be away from the house for five weeks". Do any of them attend full time?

I think not.

Some of the posts on my forum:- http://www.rantonuk.org I post to most parliamentarians, usually, no problem with the House Of Commons.


Repeal of The Parliament Acts is a sine qua non

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