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October 13, 2010


Jeff Riley

Well done Vince! Whats so special about graduates that they think they can just get all the benefits of an extended education but no bill? Why should all non graduates continue to pay for them out of their taxes? In an ideal world everything would be free but we dont live in that world and frankly the Liberal Dems made an election pledge that was popular but one they knew they would never be in Gov to pay the bill the problem with their manifesto was that it wasnt as other main parties a programme for government just an array of popular vote winning ideas - now shock horror they are in government and the real world has to come first! Good performance Vince!

Dave Bush

Why was Cable set up as the fall guy for this announcement, with grinning Dave and Gideon either side? Why does Dave, the unelected PM, always bottle out of the bad news? Cable knew the financial position before the election and in fact the position in terms of borrowing is slightly better than in May. He and the other lib dems should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

My grand-daughter is a very clever girl, and has ambitions to go to Oxford. This horrendous blow means that it is very unlikely that her parents will be able to afford for her to go to Uni. This will not be forgotten at the next election.

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