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September 21, 2010


Denis Cooper

Remind me, where are we going to get the money to pay for this?


Oh for crying out loud. Who let this imbecile into a position of power?

Where has he been living for the last three years. Spain LOST 2.2 real jobs for every "green" job created. Denmark, Germany and France are all backing out of big green "technology".

Where are the experienced workers coming from who can install double glazing, eco boilers and insulation, not to mention solar panels, geo bore holes etc.

These people live in a sound bite driven fantasy world

Sean Garman

The Australian Labor Government tried to do this. It ended up that there were massive rorts, the insulation was improperly put in resulting in four deaths and nearly 100 house fires.

Richard M

Same old same old, this was Gordon Brown's idea. I cannot believe it is being recycled as serious policy.

Grumpy Aussie

This is the link to the Senate inquiry into the bungled Australian scheme-


The main problem with the Australian scheme was the Government tied it to the stimulus roll-out meaning in the rush to get untrained people into installation jobs, there wasn't proper training which lead to tens of thousands of incorrect installations of insulation which are now useless in helping cut back on energy use, the hundreds of fires and four deaths.

13th spitfire

Would it not be great if we had someone who actually could comprehend science and engineering, as our secretary for energy?

And they wonder why we hate them...

John Broughton

Huhne is quite mad. Figures plucked from the air. Well why not he believes in wind energy. As I started Huhne is compltely mad.

Colin Smith

Must be a full moon due soon..

Who placed this imbecile in post ?

Mr Angry

"Who placed this imbecile in post ?"

David Cameron did.

Denis Cooper

UKIP helped to get him in the Commons in the first place ...

Toby 2

Any sensible person would see that the so called, 'Green Energy', is a scam because you cannot get something for nothing.

It is not a bad idea to insulate your home and instal double glazing, but then you have to wait at least 20 years to recoup the costs.

For a Politician to come out with this idea shows to me a distinct lack of a grasp on reality and I reckon he just picked up on somebody else's fool ideas because he cannot create something useful himself.

Please put this person into a job where he can do no harm ?

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