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September 25, 2010



So dave is going to relace hague with CALAMITY clegg?

Paris Claims

Give them loads of our money,and import loads of foreigners is what he wants.

Andrew Smith

When is the political class going to get its head round this? HMG no longer controls UK foreign policy, indeed it does not really exist.

Since the Lisbon Constitutional Treaty (the one on which we had a cast iron promise of a referendum), the UK has accepted that our foreign policy will be a joint policy with the other member states of the EU and it will be fronted up and supervised by Baroness Ashton.

Just as our loss of jurisdiction in other areas took time to come to the European Court, where the facts were inconveniently used to dismiss UK legislation, so it will be too with foreign affairs. William Hague is irrelevant as too is the speech by Clegg to the UN. His trip was a waste of time.

Think about the Python sketch - it is a former policy, a dead policy, just like the parrot.

Iain Gill

give billions away in "aid" to countries with nuclear weapons programmes

give away our leading IP to 3rd world countries destroying our competitive position in the world

outsource lots of our work to 3rd world countries to take advantage of their child labour, lack of health and safety, none existant emissions controls, bullying and racist cultures

flood our country with open doors to 3rd world nationals here on ICT visas displacing brits from the workforce while telling the media that we have a "cap" on 3rd world immigration

waste our fighting men on pissing in the wind missions

this is the reality of our foreign policy in practise

michael mcgough

Nick is playing the world statesman part to the hilt,but where is Hague and Ashton.I do hope poor Wilhem is not hiding in the FCO Closet.

David Hollins

We have been told by the Yanks that if we want top play with the big boys, we must maintain a large-ish army for invasions and a nuclear detterent. Common sense says we need to secure the air space and sea lanes for trade - and we do not need a large army nor a nuclear detterent. You can imagine the tossers in the FCO wetting them,selves at winning this.

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