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August 18, 2010



He should convey this wonderful news to his deputy as a matter of extreme urgency!


He might not be concerned yet. But he will be by May next year when his party gets hammered in the local and devolved elections. Watching council after council return home to Labour will be truly wonderful!

It doesn't add up...

I guess he knows Lib Dem ratings will improve when Simon Hughes joins Labour.


NorthernMonkey should watch the polls a bit more closely. In Wales and Scotland the last polls have them either staying steady or up slightly (in all probability since due to the Nat presence they are closer to their core vote already)


You can say all you want but Lid dems will LOSE at least Three seats in Scottish elections next year. the rest I dare say there will keep.....


I simply watch the polls, to be clear the latest Scottish poll had Lib Dems unchanged in both the constituency and regional vote since before the general election. They are down compared to the last holyrood results but that is clearly nothing to do with the coalition.

I haven't studied the individual seats closely enough to assess how other parties movements around them to assess how this might translate into seats.


I can tell you there are two individual seat right now where will kick out the sitting Lid Dem msp! I have forgotten there Boundary taken place, it will not change the result of those two individual seats.

Tony Makara

Mr Clegg, has already excelled his wildest political ambitions. I doubt whether he much cares for the fate of the LibDems, so long as he can continue to don the cloak of Deputy Prime Minister.

Mr Clegg suits this functionary role rather well, he just needs to chime when required and continue to rubberstamp more of the policies that he opposed prior to the election.

Mr Clegg may revel in his duplicity, however one has to fear for out-of-depth Danny Alexander, a man who always looks as though he is one press conference away from a nervous breakdown. It can't be nice to be crucified by one's own conscience.

Still, the LibDem squad always was rather short on depth.


He is unconcerned purely because he's only concerned with his own position of importance. For the party, it's an unmitigated disaster.

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