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July 04, 2010


C H Ingoldby

Generally speaking, doing the exact opposite of whatever Paddy Ashdown suggests is the best course.


And what Pantsdown says is important of course!


Maybe the Conservatives should campaign on a realignment, to reply to Ashdowns question.

Ashdown said to go around the country fighting "Tooth and claw" for the sake of precesion not that Cameron should not. Strange Ashdown should say this as I Liberal I thought he would believe in Freedom of Expression!!!!

The country has the same old parties with AV and a different means of cobling together an election result.

Alternatively the Country stays with FPTP but leads to a realignment where some Lib Dems go off with Labour and the rest of the Lib Dems go off with the Conservatives.


And right the man is. He also said that, even if a fair referendum for A/V is lost, the LibDems will not be 'throwing the toys out of the pram', and will not be leaving the Coalition.

All in all ---- perfectly sensible.


Errr, so ummmm I don't want you to vote for AV, but if you feel you must, well go ahead, is that OK nick?

Account Deleted

Your headline is misleading. What Ashdown said was that it would be unwise because Cameron could not come up with a good argument for FPTP.

He said that Camaeron would look silly, because the only argument Cameron would use is that AV might produce more coalition government, and that that would be difficult for him to argue when coalition was working so well.

Ashdown's right of course.


He says,'What arguments are Tories going to use against AV?' meaning there aren't any.

He sounds a tad pompous saying it. There are always arguments which can be made for and against any proposition.

Here is Ashdown, a self-claimed Democrat who doesn't like the essence of democracy, that people be permitted to make the arguments for the things they believe in. He comes from the earlier age of politics, where people could be tut-tutted into complying with the wishes of the powerful. Cameron and Clegg are younger and just make agreements and keep moving. Ashdown doesn't like it as he's being left behind, tut-tutting away to himself. Do we have to keep hearing from this relic?

Phil Kean

Really ?

So it was WISE and in the national interest to cling to the hope of stitching up a last minute Lib/Lab pact deal?

Never had it been MORE important to removed Labour from office. ANY aware and patriotic politician should have known this.
Labour's bogus economic 'plans' would have driven Britain into crisis - and a minority Laberal influence would NOT have prevented this.
To push for the continuation of Labour PURELY because of ideological prejudice AND because of a perceived chance of enhanced self-interest - shows SOME Laberals up for exactly what they are, unfit for office.


If Cameron doesn't pull the finger out on AV, then I'll not be working for the Tory party in May 2011. Simples.


What's Ashdown talking about? AV doesn't "produce coalitions" as a rule, it's the most Majoritarian system there is.

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