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July 24, 2010


John Coles

I see Nick Clegg as Ennis del Mar - he has that sort of cool, vulnerability. It'll all end in tears.


What a sad sack of Deputy PMQ's he is.Make sure his minder Hughes is alongside him next time.


Brokeback Coalition? Desperado. Not Chanel No 4 again. I suppose they see a gap in the market since Spitting Image was pulled. The interviewer's tie gives you the clue.

What matters about Iraq is not how it started, but who won.

'I'm the Deputy Prime Minister. I'm also a human being.'

So are the soldiers fighting, old chap. Once you're in a war. Shut up and fight it.


Guru Murphy is a quite repulsive little man.


Guru Muphy is one of the best journalists on television. Its not his fault that Clegg is an idiot.I think the Tories need to grow up and look at the government rather than those who report the clowns.

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