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July 05, 2010



OK - so what happens if the Government Coalition breaks up, and we then have a Conservative minority Government. There is no two thirds majority for a General Election. But there is a majority (ie 50% + 1) against almost every piece of legislation introduced by the minority Government. In this scenario, the Lib Dems refuse to form a coalition with rainbow coalition (due to tribal differences and fingers having been burnt amongst the LDs)

What happens then - do we have a lame duck Government who stoicly refuse to concede a GE but which no power to pass any legislation...?

Please can somebody explain....?


You have just summed up perfectly why the governments policy on this is bonkers!

Ultimo Tiger

Didn't he say that if a government couldn't be formed in two weeks after a no confidence vote that an election would automatically take place?

Seems easy enough to me.


Jack, if the government loses a vote of no confidence then the government goes in limbo for 2 weeks and if someone capable of commanding the house's confidence doesn't show up there are elections.

Nick Clegg is a dingbat and this is the proof, can't he find somebody else's constitution to fiddle around with?


So if this is the case - this 55% threshold is pointless! Also what is to stop a sitting government to whip its supporters into voting for a dissolution - which means the sitting government can still determine when the GE happens.

It all seems very silly

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