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July 21, 2010



The Speaker intervened to stop Mr Clegg quoting Lord Mandelson, saying he was not interested in what the Mandelson had to say, but later told parliament to be quiet as he wanted to hear from Mr Straw what Lord Ashcroft had to say.

Last week he intervened to stop Mr Cameron quoting a labour source.

What is going on here?

What is Bercow's agenda?

Big mistake not getting rid of him when the chance was there.


quiet agree, the man is a disgrace. i wanted to hear what he had to say, and why are labour still trotting out ashcroft, change the tune please. straw was great, wish he was leader as he would bore every one to sleep.

Super Blue

Labour were caught trying to buy votes in Sheffield with a rubber cheque.


Does any one know what it was that Mandy was supposed to have said?


Having watched the whole thing I have to agree that Bercow is despicable, he has a clear agenda and is bringing the house into disrupute. He should go.

Victor Southern

Straw was eerily like an old bloodhound, barking hoarsely and monotonously. When you see men like him and Ed Balls and the Miliband candidates you realise how lucky the country is that Labour did not win another term. It would have been a government without talents.

By the way, will Labour elect a new leader before Parliament reopens after the holidays? Right now their election has as much vibrancy as a crocheting demonstration.

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