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May 29, 2010


Ultimo Tiger

He had the balls to fall on his sword.

More than can be said of many present day politicians, journalists and of course self righteous voters and members of the blogging community.

Victor Southern

He left with grace and without blaming others. A pity - he seemed to be a capable man.

Anthony Scholefield

Politically good for the Tories,even better for the sensible people aka known as the Right wing.The high moral tone of the Lib Dems has fallen out the back of the sleigh.


Time to go home!


Lying scum.


Recall please, after all the Fibs want new politics, 'tis only fair...........

martin sewell

Can't say fairer than that.

The man reveals his qualities by his willingness to set an example to the likes of Campbell, Mandelson, Balls and everyone who has wriggled and evaded taking resposibilty for their own actions

Tony Makara

Ultimately David Laws has let the Prime Minister down, after being entrusted with a very important role.


His talents are a sad loss to the country at this time.

He has displayed grace and humility and accepted responsibility without attaching blame or making excuses.

What a refreshing change after 13 years of filth, lies, corruption, cheating and serial misdemeanour's.

David Lindsay

The revered City comes to the reviled Westminster.

Bringing its standards and expectations with it.


So now make him chairman of the spending review as a backbencher and don't waste his talents. Labour can't complain - look at Mandelslime.

David Hollins

Dear Electors,

Well, I am sorry now that I have been found out. I did think that by setting up my own abode last year - you know, when the original expenses fiddling scandal broke - that no-one would spot this. £40K is nothing to a man like me - oh, it's two years nett earnings for the average person, is it? gosh, i didn't know that and there I was, all set to increase your taxes. Of course, my partner was okay - that rent I was paying him could be offset against his mortgage interest payments too. Ah, yes, my partner - that seemed like a good ruse at the time. If people thought I was straight, then no-one would even think to question my renting a room - only MPs paying silly amounts to family had to change in 2006.

Oh well, David LAws, Ex-First Sec to the Treasury.

Andrew Smith

Is this a record, Dave?

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