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May 18, 2010


Elaine Turner

How lovely to hear him speak in terms that would not disgrace a Conservative Chief Sec to the Treasury. I am glad that he is aware of how the Greek situation has changed things and that now he is in Government responsibility is his watch word. I am very happy that he is there and I have great respect for him.

Thank heaven's the powers that be didn't put Vince in there!


Some of his interview was good but what was most revealing was that there are no plans to limit the ability of people like Osborne and Cameron to make unlimited tax-free millions out of the Central London property market on tha back of their inherited wealth. While Laws and Osborne plan to use CGT to loot the savings of others, they have every intention of keeping the Notting Hill Set in the tax-free speculative bubble to which they have become accustomed. If this is "fair" and "progressive" taxation, then the feudal system was underrated...

neil scott

its not just the spending in 2010,it should be seen as a willfull distruction of the public spending methods,i told hansard in 2004 that millions went to ray mallons office,in middlesbrough tony blair left a highly paid position as pm,why ,did he take money with him and leave it to the mathmetition gordon brown to cover it up in 2002,it was removed from the hansard website as neil scott,did i get to a point,

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