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April 22, 2010


It doesn't add up...

This car-crash was broadcast in mid afternoon on BBC2, when the audience must have been very low. It needs to go viral, especially the "myth" question about Cable's reputation.

Phil Kean

LMFAO - Opportunism, opportunism, Opportunism!

Don't these clowns make you want to throw up. Sign up to
everything EU without scrutinising the detail or
understanding the long term consequences and dangers.

Economic policy so vacuous and bogus a school boy could
take it apart.
Defence policy - if truth be known - effectively

The Laberals represent as great a danger to Britain as


Fantastic - this was superb. Shows how full of hot air Vince Cable and by extension the Lib Dems are.


Excellent, this indeed needs to be broadcast at prime time. Yes, Phil Kean, "Laberals" are a good name for them!


Just watched this debate. Forget St Vince the important outcome was GOs performance - he won with a large measure of steel in his performance. Let's hope DC follows his lead tonight. Just pity GO can't look a bit more relaxed!

Robin Tory

Is anyone interested in what Simon Hughes has to say on behalf of Clegg & Co.?

Simon Hughes @ The GPU October 2008:

Nick Clegg at the same event:


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