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April 21, 2010


Henry Mayhew

Wonderful ad. I had to sit in an edit room yesterday looking at a rubbish (but mega expensive) ad for a phone company that had been shot on 5 continents but failed to make an argument. The guy who did this with his Mac should be applauded. Great problem, great message, great challenge. Let's go and buy a copy of the Indy!

Sorry, what's the problem? Should we hush this critical stuff up to slide a couple of Etonians into dictatorial power over this country? Chumps with no coherent idea of how to tackle the extraordinarily severe crisis we are facing?

Nigel Harte

This is an outstanding advert.

Does anyone feel that Cameron's lackluster campaign is going to result in change coming to the UK after all?

Alistair Thomas

Have to agree, beautiful ad. Simple, impactful, relevant, even timely. Well chosen background music too, the sort of thing you imagine on a train as the world speeds by and you are taken swiftly to your destination.

Andrew Smith

And 2.5 million votes for UKIP last year (UKIP came second) did not yield any power because the European Parliament has no power. UKIP will likely poll well over a million votes on 6th May and it is uncertain whether any UKIP MP will be elected - the only real chance is Buckingham where Farage is doing Cameron a favour by trying to unseat Bercow.

Reluctantly I have concluded that an additional member system is needed to balance the weighting in the HoC. The additional members would go some way to addressing the missing seats under a first-past-the-post constituency election. It is used in Germany.

Combined with recall rights for the exclusive use of the public (without the Conservatives in-parliament filter which would protect their friends), this could greatly increase democracy in Britain.

christopher m

great ad.

Shame about the lid dem impact.

By the way, I have only jsut realised the voting reform that labour is proposing is AV+ (the one with top up lists etc) rather than STV (used in the london mayor campaigns).

It is actually a big difference. AV+ is a really bad version of straight forward PR, while STV actually introduces so much more compitition for 1st preference votes it could be a good thing.

Perhaps we can offer clegg STV and hope he takes it? He'll still be a net gainer.

George Kendall

Christopher, The LibDems agree with you. STV is their preferred electoral system too.

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