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April 20, 2010


John B Sheffield

What waffle! from the X Factor Clegg!


Quelle surprise? Just pathetic really. Listen how Clegg tries to justify his claims...very weak

Jack Stone

Nick Clegg is about as false as Katie Price`s Boobs!!!


I thought he did rather well, wasn't the knockout stuff I was expecting.

Elaine Turner

So, if he sells that house, where will he live in Sheffield? His constituents will have an expectation that he is seen to represent them and have a connection with Sheffield. I thought his decision to sell the house was rather woolly, is he expecting to house-share a certain house in Downing Street which requires him to be in London all the time? Waffle, waffle, waffle. He went on the attack with Neil and looked rather uncomfortable.


Neil does more in 1 minute than the entire Conservative party has in 2 years.


What - more expenses fiddling, you mean?

Patsy Sergeant

Mr. Clegg said that his house was 'not my home, it was on loan to him from the taxpayer; when it is sold every single penny and pound GAINED will be returned to the taxpayer', and again ' its not my home its the taxpayers'. That is a rather unwise solution to his expenses spend in that area, but I suppose that it is us, the taxpayer that will have to pay for the cost of the extra police protection that may well be needed, if some people take that statement literally! After all Andrew Neil (in the background) picked that up too!

I wonder where Mr. Clegg learnt the niceties of obfuscation of expenses from, could it have been from his time as an MEP.


Jack, you are on song today. In fact it looks as if Katie Price is advising St Vince of Cable on what passes for Lib Dem economic policy ....judging by the fantastic figures blown out of all proportion with no visible means of support.

I thought Clegg did not handle Andrew Neill too badly. However, Neill should have asked him whether he had any plans to (a) discipline those Lib Dem MPs involved in the Dolphin Square episode; (b) discipline those Lib Dem peers with dodgy expenses; and (c) hand back the gift from Michael Brown on the basis that it constitutes the proceeds of crime.

Dorset Dumpling

Typical Clegg.....waffle, waffle, waffle...little bit of truth, bend it, twist it anyway you want it. This man is not to be taken seriously.

Alistair Thomas

Don't you just love Andrew Neil?

Two things Andrew missed I thought.

1. Instead of asking if he could come and stay at the house Nick is holding in trust for the nation, I would like to know if this is official LibDem policy and that none of them have gained or will keeps gains from selling their second homes.

2. After all that waffle, a comment along the lines of "I think the people will judge for themselves. They could be forgiven for thinking that you and other LibDems have done rather well out of the "Old Politics".

Emily Broadacre

What about DCs Wisteria clearing...Nuff said!

Super Blue

Just so long as people know about Cleggover's lobbying past, we don't need any new attack lines. Chris Huhne wrote them all two and a half years ago.


So, the nation now owns a cake pan and some cushions. Who want would them second-hand off a self-confessed hypocrite?

martin griffin

What sort of house can you buy in Sheffield Hallum with a £275,000 mortgage.
Have a look at this site to see the average price of houses!

If we [the tax payer] purchased a run down semi needing a new kitchen etc. for this sort of money then we have been cheated.

Anyway when did he say its our house not his? When he bought it?
I for one would like to know when he said it and where.

Matthew Miller

He always intended to pay back the money he made?
Was this published before, or has it just been made up?

Viv C

What I'd like to know is who would be in his cabinet if they actually won with a majority - some would have to be new MPs with no previous parliamentary experience at all, but Gordon Brown would still be prepared to work with them after using "inexperience" as a reason for not voting Conservative.

nike shox onine

Men trifle with their business and their politics, but they never trifle with their games. (George Burnard Shaw British dramatist)

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