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March 09, 2010



Oh lord please do not let this country get held hostage by the far left loons in the liberal democrats.

A labour government is better than a hung parliament, dictated to by these minor parties.

It doesn't add up...

It wouldn't look like anything, because it's not a possibility.

Andrew S

Is it me, or was there not a single money saving measure listed there?

Richard Manns

It wouldn't look like anything, because hung parliaments die very quickly.

They may work in other countries, but our tradition of adversial politics means that we're at each other's throats and no-one knows how the alliance stuff works anyhow.

Andrew S

In their shopping list ;)

Martin Day

lol - It would be dreadful - Everybody would be forced to drive Three wheelers:


Martin Day

Chris Huhne does not know what he is talking about in relation to the economy. He seems to think that the UK has become more competitive - I think he should look at soem of the figures cited on international competetiveness. The UK has slumped right down some of these tables. It is no good thinking that depreciation of sterling will boost competitiveness alone as he seems to think. Lib Dems = Labour


The Libdems are nothing but a bunch of Homosexual mafia who want unlimited immigration and Homosexuality taught to 5 year old children, they are all smiles but underneath are nothing more than a bunch of useless paedo like freaks!

Martin Day


Good job they believe in a loosening of lible laws and free speech! lol!!!!

This is a vision of Liberal Democrat Government:


Yet Another Anon

It would have the advantage that although they might have enough seats to form an administration, they could be brought down at any time, they would have to do the deals to get their legislation through, instead of them saying that they would only support a government if there was a referendum on STV, the other parties could simply refuse to do any deal on STV, they aren't going to get anything like the 191 seats that Labour had when Ramsay MacDonald formed a government in 1924, so they would be much more limited.

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