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March 13, 2010


It doesn't add up...

I saw the BBC report of this between the rugby matches. Time the BBC acknowledged that Redwood has a better record than Cable on forecasting the problems with the economy.


"Time the BBC acknowledged that Redwood has a better record than Cable on forecasting the problems with the economy."

You must be joking! The permanent Party political broadcast on behalf of the Liebour Party cannot be disturbed.

David Lindsay

They have effectively ruled out both Labour and the Tories today. As if either would ever have asked them, anyway. Half of the Labour Party hates the Lib Dems far more than it hates the Tories, with whom it has very little contact. Half of the Conservative Party hates the Tories far more than it hates Labour, with which it has very little contact. In a hung Parliament, most MPs would come from those heartland seats in both parties, either of which would split organically and permanently if there were any deal with the real enemy.

Coalition between Labour and the Tories, usually for the specific purpose of keeping out the Lib Dems, is quite routine in local government. Germany was run on much that basis until fairly recently, for essentially the same reason. Clegg expects to be asked whom he would support in a hung Parliament. But in reality, no one was ever going to ask him it, anyway. In which case, what is he for? What is his party for?

Merger between the Labour and Tory remnants is both inevitable and overdue. It will create the space for proper parties instead. The Lib Dems will not be one of them.

Instead, there will be one or more serious forces for civil liberties, local communitarian populism, indefatigable pursuit of single issues, the Nonconformist social conscience, the legacy of Keynes and Beveridge as corrected by a popular and Christian-based movement, traditional moral and social values, conservation rather than environmentalism, national sovereignty, a realistic foreign policy, the Commonwealth, the peace activism historically exemplified by Sir Herbert Samuel, redress of economic and political grievances in the countryside, and the needs and concerns of areas remote from the centres of power both in the United Kingdom and in each of its constituent parts.

And there will be one or more serious forces of those who were never hysterically hostile to the unions that exhibited the greatest need for a broad-based and sane opposition to Thatcherism, who never made themselves dependent on a single donor (as the Tories have now done) who was later made a Minister by Blair without the rate for the job, who never betrayed Gaitskellism over Europe, who never betrayed Christian Socialism and a section of High Toryism (and, lest we forget, Gaitskellism) over nuclear weapons, who never adopted the decadent social libertinism of Roy Jenkins, who never adopted the comprehensive schools mania of Shirley Williams, and who never shared her regret over past Labour action to control immigration.

The election of even one such voice this year would light the fire.

Ultimo Tiger

Someone should tell him that cancelling Eurofighter will add a massive fine on top of the deficit.

Oh and the F-35 is going to be crap anyway so more Eurofighters is probably a GOOD thing.

T.England. Very working class.

I can’t believe what I am hearing, Cable is trying to tell people a hung parliament won’t hurt Britain, how could anyone believe that a hung parliament & all the confusion & arguments that will come about from such a predicament could be good for us?
The markets love uncertainty don’t they?

I believe it is Cable who is deceiving the public in trying to make them believe that a hung parliament won’t hurt Britain, how stupid does he think we are & how dangerous is that statement?

We all know a hung parliament is the nearest the Liberals would ever get to power but in their desperation to get it telling the country a hung parliament won’t strangle Britain is stupidity beyond belief.

The market has made its case, they have told us what will happen if Britain returns a hung parliament or a weak government, if Cable thinks he knows better, than he is as delusional as Brown.

Sam R

"I believe it is Cable who is deceiving the public...", T. England, 6.49 pm. As ever!
It is amazing how the value of the £ vis-a-vis the Euro and the $ seem to mirror the tracking of the polls - a dip in Con. ratings is reflected in the position of the £. Just wait till Monday with all this talk of a hung parliament.

Yet Another Anon

It shouldn't be surprising that Vincent Cable is saying that there are no risks from a Hung Parliament, after all what other chance have the Liberal Democrats got of getting any power any time this century, Nick Clegg has set them the ambition of doubling their number of seats in 2 elections - so even if successful by 2015 they would have only about the same number of seats that Labour had in 1922.

It seems very unlikely that the Liberal Democrats will reach the target that Nick Clegg has set, in fact they are not only struggling to make any progress against Labour and the Conservatives, but their vote is very much under threat from the Green Party and quite possibly other small parties such as the Liberal Party and the SDP.

The Liberal Party got 6 seats in the 1950s, more like 10 through the 1960s, 14 seats in February 1974, the Alliance got 23 seats in the 1980s, on a much lower turnout the Liberal Democrats got 16% of the vote and 46 seats in 1997 and 23% of the vote and 62 seats in 2005, would take a long time at that rate of progress of around 10-20 seats a decade, in another 2.5 centuries they might have a chance of forming a majority government.


Saint Vince('sorry could you repeat the question')Cable as a previously fully paid up member of the Labour Party is just champing at the bit to rejoin his alma mater.Now the brothers are back in charge he will have fond memories.This is not an ageist comment but Scargill etc were his kith and kin.

Super Blue

Attacking the official Opposition - and doing Labour's dirty work for them.

T.England. Very working class.

Got to add!
Did you see how many empty seats there were? Cable was almost talking to an empty room, they might as well have hired out a church hall.

James Trent

Vince Cable is as big a traitor as the rest of the political class. He reneged on his manifesto pledge to hold a referendum on Lisbon. I get sick of his holier than thou whining. He is as bad as all the rest of them with his dishonest ways and broken promises.

Melissa Copeland

After Vince went back on his word to hold a referendum on Lisbon, I no longer trust him and his undemocratic beliefs.

Alistair Thomas

It's funny, the way Libdems attack Tories before Labour makes it seem as if they are fighting the next election, not this one. Somebody should tell Vince that it's Labour that have got us into this mess. Oppose the first threat first.

Vince is one of those Libdems that loves to jump on the bandwagon of NuLabour spin, "Do Nothing Tories" etc. It sounds even less convincing second hand. Can't even make up their own spin!


This is a great opportunity for Osborne to tell the Libdems that any preconditions on their support that threatens the responsible management of the economy and public finances is unacceptable. If the Libdems are determined to drive Britain to bankruptcy, then they can put Brown back in Number 10 on May 7th.

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