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March 14, 2010



'If one on three voters backed them' yes, and if i pick the right lottery numbers then i can be rich.

Maybe they should be considering why one in three don't support them and have never supported them.

Martin Day

The Liberal Democrats are doomed - DOOMED to defeat! Clegg is full of rubbish.

Whats Cleggs big idea "New Politics"? The Lib Dems have tried this before with voting pacts with Labour and sitting on joint cabinet committees. As soon as Labour made unpopular decisions then the Lib Dems jumped.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I had to laugh. Promise Primary School Classes of no more than 20 pupils in one breath, promise to cut taxes by exempting the first £10k of earnings for Income Tax in the next. Typical Lib-Dems. Promise anything to anyone as they will not be called upon to deliver.

I also had to laugh at the image of Cameron, Clarke and Osborne "marching into the City of London" just like something out of the OK Corral or like that old song, "A German Officer crossed the Rhine..." It is quite obvious that although he tries to strike a mid-way posture he really sides with Labour and probably hopes that they will be the single largest party in the Coomns but need the Lib Dems to give them a majority. I cannot see him working happily with the Consveratives were they to be largest party but lacked a majority.

I simply cannot take Nick Clegg seriously. Nice Guy no doubt, clean cut, well spoken, but lightweight.

Yet Another Anon

If the Liberal Democrats got 1 in 3 votes and the increase was a result of a corresponding fall in both the Labour and Conservative vote potentially it might mean an overall majority, but it has to be said that there has been no sign of any such thing happening and in fact it is more about deflecting media assumptions that in a Hung Parliament the position of the Liberal Democrats would inevitably determine who formed the administration, which of course isn't neccessarily true as the possibility of an arrangement directly between Labour and Conservative or that smaller parties and Independents could be enough for a minority or coalition government.

The Liberal Democrat vote appears to be holding up, but hasn't shown any signs that it will go above 1 in 4 votes, and probably will be more like 1 in 5 and probably their existing seats being held through tactical voting.

Sam R

In the words of Winston Churchill: "If necessary for years, if necessary alone"
If, heaven forbid, we arrive at a situation where we fail to take the majority of seats, we simply operate as a minority administration, roll up our sleeves and get on with the job of rescuing the economy, the society and this country. Then, if Lib Dem or any other grouping adopt the role of wreckers, I feel certain the electorate will give their judgment.

brian kelly

Sounds awfully like Steel's '..go back to your constituencies and prepare for government'. Let's hope it will be as laughably wrong as it was then.

Super Blue


I heard that moment on "Broadcasting House" today,


Steve Cooper

You may laugh at Clegg, but he's playing a game that works for the electorate.

He says he'll let them decide who makes up the next government and in a hung parliament he will support which ever party has the better mandate.

The electorate hears if there is a hung parliament I'll support the party that you vote for.

The only way to quash this is for Cameron to actually speak up and say what we all know to be true "There is no way that the conservatives will go into coalition with the LibDems and unless we're in a strong minority government position would not even accept their support because a weak minority government would not be a tory government."

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