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January 11, 2010


John Coles

This gives Clegg a distinct edge over the Conservatives: he SEEMS to be saying SOMETHING about his party's economic policy as opposed to dear little Gideon's studied silence on such matters.

Emily Broadacre

Sorry to say this but this dim lib actually sounds credible!

Agent Digby

Oh for goodness sake - does it make any difference what Mr Clegg and his party of dreams do or don't want to do?

Why on earth don't these people just join one of the two main parties and at least some of their talent (there are and always have been some seriously good politicians in the LDs) isn't wasted in the "I Told You So" party.

Then perhaps we won't get this wretched split vote that always has a bias towards one or other of the main parties.

Sitting in the corner sulking and declaring a "plague on both your houses" contributes little or nothing.


Not everyone sees things in black and white. There are shades of grey. So political opinions need more than two parties.
For fair representation in parliament, without bias, the voting system needs to be changed. And the best system is Proportional Representation by the Single Transferable Vote.

Viv Evans

So ditching promises is ok when Cleggy does it, but not when Cameron does it, right?


Predicatble. lets all be honest. Labour has bankrupted the country and is still not telling the truth. None of the opposition parties can plan properly as each day gets worse and Labour just play games, spin and smear and conduct a scorched earth policy.

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