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November 16, 2009


13th spitfire

Can anyone tell me why they exist?

Paddy Ashdown

Good for you Nick,my son.

Next,bring our boys back from Afghanistan then watch your opinion poll ratings soar


Some actual opposition. As for Paddy's comment, add pull out of Europe and hey, hello number 10!

Jessica Ashman

Not impressed with the disrespect Mr. Clegg shows to our Queen and British law and tradition just because he believe his views are more important. I cannot believe the arrogance of the man, why should he dictate the business of parliament when he does not have the mandate to do so?

T.England. Very working class.

Can't see any point to the royals anymore.
Anyhow! Shouldn't we now have an EU Christmas message to it's servants?

Andrew Smith

Does "cleaned up" include not accepting donations from non-trading companies which were funded from overseas sources, whose ultimate controller has been put away for fraud.

Just asking.

Or is the idea to further distance the Crown from Parliament so as to avoid embarassment to Her Majesty now that Parliament has been neutered by the Lisbon Treaty. After all, LibDems can sometimes be nostalgic like the rest of us.


Labour candidate compares the Queen to Vermin:


Steve Tierney

Nick Clegg has always been pretty low on my list of decent politicians, but the man has really excelled this time. Some of us still remember what loyalty to the crown means. And care about it.


A somewhat misleading title. He's not calling for the Queen's speech to be gotten rid of by any stretch of the imagination.

Rather instead of the Labour PPB that it is going to be (a point I believe Cameron agrees with him on) use it to reform British politics and rebuild it on a firm logical foundation, rather than the on-the-fly tweaking that's currently going on without being thouht through.

What all the posters above are going on about with 'loyalty to the crown' etc I've no idea. Did they even watch the video?

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