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September 23, 2009



Ridiculous statement.


It was an awful speech, and awfully presented. Thank god he aint going to be our next Prime Minister.

Keep dreaming Nick

Super Blue

"Go back to your constituencies ........ and prepare for government".

Patsy Sergeant

Somehow he seems to think that going on and on about being Prime Minister, he will become PM - its just occurred to I wonder where he could have got that idea from!

W Smith

Looks to me that the two Nicks(NC and NG) have a charisma that may sway a lot of votes and should not be underestimated.JFK had it,P.E.Trudeau had it and M.Thatcher had it.Let us hope that Mr Cameron can rouse our humanistic and patriotic peoples for the extraordinary efforts that are needed in this 21st century.


"Why I want to be Prime Minister".

Perhaps when he grows up.

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