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September 19, 2009



Clegg does anything for a silly soundbite

13th Spitfire

Does he know that no one listens to what the Lib Dems say?


Clegg's severely frit.

Steve Tierney

Nick who?


I have no time for this man- he allowed the vote to go through on the Lisbon treaty by telling his MPs to abstain.We hear nothing of much note from him all year and now we get this rubbish!! He cannot bring himself to say "Oh what's the point!"

Victor Southern

Clegg put the glib back into GlibDems.

Tom FD

So silly. Maybe someone else might have got away with calling David Cameron a "conman", but not Clegg - who most people think IS Cameron, at least of those people who've ever heard of him.

David Sergeant

This really is desparate stuff from Nick. When your opponent is way in front all you can do is say it's a con. Trouble is there will be more of this and it needs to be dealt with. We must not go back to the 90s when Labour and the Lib/Dems heaped spin and smears on us and we said nothing because it was so daft - so people believed it.

David from Ealing

I was speaking to a former Conservative MP recently. When I said to him that many of the policies which Cameron is proposing wouldn't be supported by many Conservatives he said something like, "Well the Tories love power and will say anything to get it."


This is akin to Sir Alex Fergusson calling Man City "Arrogant". The words, "Pot, Kettle and Black" come readily to mind


He's like Rory Bremner doing Cameron.


Con? Nick.

'Con' derives from 'cum' in Latin, meaning 'with' or 'together'.

You mean to say that Cameron is keeping the Tories together?

(To conserve literally means to keep together)

Cameron's keeping us together.

Well, yes. I agree with you.

Ian McCord

When I saw this on the news the stage was floodlit with blue lighting. Clegg calls DC a con man on a blue stage - ironic - or simply typical of the duplicity of the Lib Dems

David from Ealing

Think of the major issues:


Climate change.

Northern Rock.

Bankers’ bonuses.

The Speaker.


The Gurkhas.

The Lib Dems have been right on them all. The Tories, if they have a view, don't all know what it is and don't agree on it.


David from Ealing - just how exactly is wanting to get rid of Trident the 'right' choice? Being right doesn't mean 'agrees with that David from Ealing' thinks...


Lisbon Treaty ?

The Euro ?

Trivial matters to Lib Dems.

Tom FD

David, what did the Lib Dems get right about Northern Rock? Just because the government did what Vince Cable told them to doesn't mean he was right. The disasterous amount of taxpayers' money that has gone down the drain on that monster is testament to how wrong Cable really is when it comes to the economy.

On Trident and the Speaker they were only following the leads of individual Tories.

Face it there's not enough Lib Dems in Parliament to divide them into factions...

Alan Douglas


* noun: large swift fly, the female of which sucks blood of various animals

Hmmmm ....

Alan Douglas

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