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September 23, 2009


Super Blue

Bye bye Whohe and others!

Ross Warren

"Nick Clegg appeals to Labour voters" Clegg appeals to no one.
I feel for the Lib-dims, but they are not going to make that all important jump to serious contenders.They are far to close to labour, why would anyone want more of the shame er same.

Annie B

I'm no clearer now as to the way he is going to change Britain than I was before he started. So how, therefore, can he accuse DC of offering the illusion of 'change'? The man is in cloud cuckoo land -
Prime Minister indeed - Huh.

Sam R

Clegg says he would like to be Prime Minister; I'd like to have the ability to fly!

Tony Sharp

Watching the conference speech it appears Clegg had three teleprompters in the hall. One on each side at the back and one in the centre. His gaze is permanently fixed on those three locations while he is speaking.

Mr Angry

Perhaps the Conservatives do only offer fake change, but the LibDems are only offering fake politics and that is much worse.

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